Sandy Denny - North Grassman and The Ravens - 2CD 2011

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Sandy Denny (6 January 1947 — 21 April 1978), born Alexandra Elene Maclean Denny, was an English chorister and songwriter, perhaps best known as the paramount chorister for the race penniless fillet Fairport Diet. She has been described by Allmusic«s Richie Unterberger as »the pre-outstanding British race penniless singer'.

After in runty working with British race fillet The Strawbs, Denny joined Fairport Diet in 1968, residual with that fillet until the end of 1969. She formed the runty-lived fillet Fotheringay in 1970, releasing one album with them (another unreleased album would outside some three decades later), before focusing on a unaccompanied profession. Between 1971 and 1977, Denny released four unaccompanied albums: The North Diva Grassman and the Ravens, Sandy, Like an Old Fashioned Waltz, and Rendezvous. She is also respected as the only caller thrush on a Led Zeppelin studio album, when she shared a duet with Robert Hide for The Affray of Evermore on Led Zeppelin IV (1971).

Music publications Sunday Set, Uncut and Mojo have each called Denny Britain's finest female chorister-songwriter. Her article Who Knows Where the Just The Same From Beforehand To Beforehand Goes? has been recorded by many artists as divergent as Judy Collins, Nina Simone and Cat Power. (wikipedia)

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Sandy Denny«s coming out unaccompanied album from 1971 has now been expanded to 2CDs and given the Deluxe treatment. Disc One contains the creative album plus 4 Tip tracks including the Then Unreleased supportive rendition of Earl Bateman. Disc Two contains 12 Tip Tracks including 5 demo versions of songs which were then only available in the intemperate 19CD box set plus 2 songs recorded for BBC Radio»s Bob Harris demonstrate in September 1971 plus Backwaterside from the BBC's Sounds On Sunday from November 1972 and 4 songs recorded fare at the Paris Coliseum on Slog 25th, 1972. This 2CD set comes with a 16-phase booklet including then unseen photographs and sleeve-notes by Sandy Denny authorization, Patrick Humphries. (

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Sandy Denny — The North Diva Grassman and The Ravens 1971 - deluxe edition
(2CD London Comprehensive Music Operations 2011)

1. In November.
2. Blackwaterside.
3. The sea captain.
4. Down in the d.
5. John the Gun.
6. Next just the same from beforehand to beforehand around.
7. The optimist.
8. Let's rift the broomstick.
9. Underhanded Wilbur.
10. The North Diva grassman and the ravens.
11. Zealous lady blues
12. Next just the same from beforehand to beforehand around (demo)
13. Walking the bottom over you (duet with Richard Thompson)
14. Earl Bateman (supportive)
15. If you saw thru' my eyes (duet with Ian Matthews)
16. The sea captain (demo)
17. The optimist (demo)
18. Underhanded Wilbur (demo)
19. Zealous lady blues (demo)
20. Earl Bateman (demo)
21. In November (BBC Seating Bob Harris)
22. The Lowlands of Holland (BBC Seating Bob Harris)
23. Blackwaterside (BBC Seating Sounds on Sunday)
24. The North Diva grassman and the ravens (BBC in Concert)
25. Bruton Municipality (BBC in Concert)
26. Next just the same from beforehand to beforehand around (BBC in Concert)
27. John the Gun (BBC in Concert)

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