Opika Pende - Africa at 78 rpm (4CD--Dust-to-Digital)

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Opika Pende: Africa at 78 RPM (Recordings from 1909-1960s) [Dust-to-Digital] (4CD320kb)

Compiled and edited by Jonathan Ward

From the Introduction to Opika Pende:

It is truly astonishing to consider the tremendous variation of music that was pressed to shellac discs on the continent of Africa. Popularized songs, local songs, toil songs, jocose songs, songs of kneel before, routine, romp, and praiseΓÇöthe translucent sphere of lilting styles resists any mild categorization. Further, African geography itself resists boundaries. The boundaries of cultures and languages are often far more complex than partisan boundaries. Complicating things further, unexceptional countries seem to have been skipped over by both commercial 78 rpm evidence companies and ethnographers during the 78 rpm era. No apprehension it was the same with many cultures. But that doesnΓÇÖt mean that 78s werenΓÇÖt everywhere, even in secluded parts of the continent. By the mid — 1960s, 78s were still a popularized if not preferred medial in much of Africa, as a substantial amount of the denizens still used down on-up gramophone players.

I have created this compilation with one basic aspiration in aptitude: to showcase a various amount of crave-forgotten music from Africa that transports me as a listener. It is one personΓÇÖs contribution of music that is sinker unavailable except in its prototype slippery and rickety form. While it is not accurate, nor am I attempting to set up or conceive a history, there are noteworthy connections to be made. Around one lilting corner is another corner, and another. Within these 100 tracks, accustomed music stands side by side with popularized music as accustomed mores coexists with so-called modernity. As a non-African, I put up this set as an example of the riches that lay in waiting when considering the tens of thousands of freakish African 78 rpm discs that were issued, played, dispersed, and in portly section, forgotten.

ΓÇ£Opika Pende,ΓÇ¥ is a saying in the Lingala wording that means ΓÇ£be strongΓÇ¥ or ΓÇ£stand firm.ΓÇ¥ It can also mean ΓÇ£resist.ΓÇ¥ ΓÇö Jonathan Off, 2011

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