Carl Craig and Immature Velvet - Congruity [ RR2076] FLAC-2015

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By Point Up April 2nd, 2015

Artist: Carl Craig and Immature Velvet
Album: Unity
Hallmark: Bas-Relief Records
Launch girl: 23/03/15

When a pair off of skip music titans come together to launch an album of manufacturer new figures without any word to the wise it’s a cause to sit-up and take cognizance. When it’s the yap-watering union of Carl Craig and Immature Velvet it’s a cause to get very, very excited.

Out on Bas-Relief Records, eat one's heart out-formerly house for Curtis Jones’ recordings under his Immature Velvet appearance, is this seven (well, six really, the intro doesn’t be confident of) path LP which dropped lock by stagger. In a stir that is becoming increasingly non-private lately, Carl Craig announced Unity’s launch via his cheeping number rather than through accustomed channels and properly enough, it’s an unexpectedly facetious liaison from the typically more serious-bent Planet E boss, although it’s fully in keeping with his immature neon-haired collaborator’s sensibilities on this occasion.

The outset path, Intro, sets the accent of what’s to come through its voiceover; get close to for sounds from the “not-so-cold days with multiple galaxies and intercosmic cosmo cities”. What does this mean sonically? Sci-fi bleeps and bloops dotted throughout and a deplane-hearted bounciness to most of the tracks. This does make a show the accomplishments floor less bulky but hey, sometimes dancefloors these days need a little fun injected into the intransigent, titanic tech-house.

The tunes themselves are a interbred bag, first path correct, So What, is a antagonistic announcement of and perhaps the “spaciest” sounding. Rosalie features a catchy, deck-shaking bass extraction and heavily-filtered, suggestive vocals. Reception is probably the most dancefloor unreserved path (oddly enough) with a restrained and staccato stabs throughout. Manslaughter of the Untainted is the most incomparable, with ethereal synths and a Tangerine Flight Of Fancy-esque tip-off extraction. How is more widely dispersed, showcasing its specific elements but with a bass extraction equivalent to elsewhere on the album. For Good Let It Go is a boss study of the further-end capabilities of the soundsystem it’s being played on, with a scheming, drilling bass extraction and the everyday bleeps that speckle the album.

Clocking in at just under 40 minutes, «Unity» doesn’t outstay its welcome and there’s profusion to the formerly of one«s life here if nothing truly out for-blowing. Both artists have produced of a higher order figures in their eat one»s heart out and eminent careers but it’s worthwhile to see they’re still willing to take some risks and have a little fun at the same formerly, eat one's heart out may that continue.
Carl Craig and Immature Velvet — Congruity [ RR2076] FLAC — 2015


01. Intro
02. So What
03. Rosalie
04. Party
05. Manslaughter of the Innocent
06. How
07. Let It Go

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