Mike Oldfield - The 1984 Retinue (Dolby Headphone) [FLAC]

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Mike Oldfield — The 1984 Retinue (Dolby Headphone) [FLAC]

Mike Oldfield — The 1984 Retinue (Dolby Headphone) [FLAC]

I«m a big music fan and created these albums so I can hearken them in through headphones on a carry-on instrumentalist. I like to apportionment them with you and rely on that you»ll get a kick them too! If you like this pass out and have a record to extra, all feedback and brook is very appreciated. You can become aware of my releases at https://kat.cr/usearch/user:ADHDerby/

Dolby Headphone, sometimes referred to as Responsive , is a technology which allows you to hearken to music, attend movies, or gambol video games with effects using any set of two strait stereo headphones. The sources of this pass out are versions of the tracks ripped from the DVD (Interest of Ascertaining Deluxe Number).

Genre: Swing, Pop, General Public, Creation & Country
Style: Prog Swing, General Public Rock
Release Time: 29 January, 2016
Label: Mercury, Virgin EMI Records
Source: DVD DTS 48/24 5.1
Resampler: Adobe Audition
Sample value: 44100 Hz
Bits per specimen: 16
Codec: FLAC

The 1984 Retinue is a compilation album by the British musician, Mike Oldfield released in 2016. The compilation pulls together tracks from his two 1984 studio albums; Ascertaining and The Arduous Fields. The album is available as interest of the Ascertaining Deluxe Number or as a standalone vinyl LP but not as a standalone CD. It has also been released in 5.1 Examine as interest of the Ascertaining Deluxe set ( Examine Mixes by Mike Oldfield).

The album features two a while ago unreleased tracks: «The Noble Mile», a newly rediscovered course from the 1984 period; and «Zombies (Halloween Prime)», a reworking of the at a bargain price a fuss «Poison Arrows» with the primary vocals replaced by robotic «Stephen Hawking» manner vocals with the lines «Somebody's out to get you» replaced with «Zombies are out to get you».

Torrent gallimaufry: 625547137999B6D764208ACE59E8D524A11D8891


01. To France (4:47)
02. The Lake (13:44)
03. The Arduous Fields (Channel Thesis) (2:45)
04. Etude (4:38)
05. The Noble Mile (Re-Discovered Course) (3:37)
06. Zombies (Halloween Prime) (3:46)
07. Ascertaining (4:27)



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