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sorry for any typo mistakes i had to a postal card every wake trace out as programs would not interpret the info ... enjoy

Disc 1

1. Unreserved Sinatra — I Get A Drop-Kick Out Of You

2. Ella Fitzgerald — Ev'ryTime We Say Goodbye

3. Peggy Lee — Fever

4. Tony Bennett — Lullaby Of Broadway

5. Billy Eckstine — Down In The Mouth Moon

6. Doris Day — It Had To Be You

7. Nat Royal Cole — Out To Lunch She Calls Me

8. Anita O'Day — Just One Of Those Things

9. Sarah Vaughan -The Man I Love

10. Sammy Davis Jr. -That Old Flagitious Magic

11. Louis Armstrong -A To Shape A Delusion On

12. Chet Baker -My Comical Valentine

13. Rosemary Clooney -You'll Never Know

14. Nat Royal Cole -Smile

15. Peggy Lee -Please Be Kind

16. Margaret Whiting -Once Upon A Time After Time

17. Fred Astaire-End Of Day And Day

18. Billie Respite -It's Mild To Remember

19. Dinah Washington -What A Idiosyncrasy A Day Made

20. Ella Fitzgerald -Someone To Observe Over Me

Disc 2

1. Ella Fitzgerald -Manhattan

2. Peggy Lee -The Folks Who Alight On The Hill

3. Louis Armstrong -Makin' Whoopee

4. Billie Respite -Urbane Lady

5. Unreserved Sinatra -Bewitching A Gamble A Accidentally On Love

6. Nat Royal Cole -Stardust

7. Shirley Bassey-Fierce Weather

8. Mel Tormé-Lulu's Uphold In Town

9. Lena Horne -Rapture Me Or Hop It Me

10. Billie Respite -Them There Eyes

11. Billy Eckstine-Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

12. Blossom Dearie-I Discover Music

13. Sarah Vaughan -How The Moon

14. Ella Fitzgerald -Where Or When

15. Johnny Mathis -Misty

16. Sammy Davis Jr. -Something's Gottagive

17. June Christy -I'll Take Romance

18. Billie Respite -I'll Be Around

19. Keelysmith -Fools Scoot In

20. Anita O'Day-What Is This Aspect Called Love?

Disc 3

1. Tony Bennett -Just In Time

2. Peggy Lee -Lover

3. Julie London -S'Wonderful

4. Chet Baker -There Will Never Be Another You

5. Sarah Vaughan -The Nearness Of You

6. Carmen Mcrae -Rapture Is Here To Stay

7. Dean Martin -Just One More Chance

8. Doris Day -Bewitched

9. Unreserved Sinatra -Old Scamp Moon

10. Ella Fitzgerald -I've Got My Rapture To Keep Me Warm

11. Sammy Davis Jr. -Mollycoddle, It's Stone-Cold Outside

12. Nat Royal Cole -Laura

13. Blossom Dearie-More Than You Know

14. Margaret Whiting -My Spunk Stood Still

15. Sammy Davis Jr. -These Ridiculous Things

16. Judy Wardrobe -The Man That Got Away

17. Mel Tormé-That Old Feeling

18. June Christy -The End Of Day We Called It A Day

19. Louis Armstrong And Ella Fitzgerald -A Forfeit Romance

20. Unreserved Sinatra -The Lady Is A Tramp

Disc 4

1. Unreserved Sinatra -Come Fly With Me

2. Ella Fitzgerald -Let's Miss In Love

3. Margaret Whiting -Moonlight In Vermont

4. Sarah Vaughan -Momentary Strangers

5. Louis Armstrong -When You're Smiling

6. Doris Day -Hernando's Hideaway

7. Dinah Washington -I Intensify On You

8. Frankie Laine-Nevertheless (I'm In Rapture With You)

9. Johnny Mathis -The Twelfth Of Never

10. Bing Crosby -Around The Community (In Eighty Days)

11. Rosemary Clooney -Tenderly

12. Dean Martin -Let Me Go, Lover

13. Vic Damone-On The Roadway Where You Live

14. Unreserved Sinatra -Uninitiated At Heart

15. Nat Royal Cole -(I Rapture You) For Tender Reasons

16. Chet Baker -But Not For Me

17. Ella Fitzgerald -Thanks For The Memory

18. Fred Astaire-They Can't Take That Away From Me

19. Dinah Shore -Designing Purple

20. Bing Crosby And Unreserved Sinatra -Well, Did You Evah!

Disc 5

1. Unreserved Sinatra -I've Got You Under My Skin

2. Billy Eckstine-I Apologize

3. Rosemary Clooney -Hey There!

4. June Christy -Rapture Doesn't Alight Here Anymore

5. Nat Royal Cole -Unforgettable

6. Sammy Davis Jr. -All Of You

7. Sarah Vaughan -A Foggy Day (In London City)

8. Peggy Lee -Somebody Loves Me

9. Billie Respite -For All We Know

10. Ella Fitzgerald -Let's Mask The Music And Dance

11. Dean Martin -You Be Affiliated To Me

12. Jo Stafford -Some French Enchant Evening

13. Doris Day -I Only Have Eyes For You

14. Unreserved Sinatra -In The Beguine

15. Margaret Whiting -I Could A Postal Card A Book

16. Keelysmith -You Go To My Head

17. Bobby Darin -Some Of These Days

18. Louis Armstrong -I Can't Reveal D Become Exhausted You Anything But Love

19. Ella Fitzgerald -Summertime

20. Unreserved Sinatra -One For My Mollycoddle (And One More For The Procedure)

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