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Censorship and Rebetiko

In 1936, the 4th of August R under Ioannis Metaxas was established and with it, the genesis of censorship.

Some of the national topic of rebetiko songs was now considered disordered and unsatisfactory. During this days, when the Metaxas dictatorship subjected all number cheaply lyrics to censorship, number cheaply composers would rewrite lyrics, or discipline self-censorship before submitting lyrics for affirmation.

The music itself was not national to censorship, although proclamations were made recommending the «europeanisation» of the regarded outcoming Anatolian music, which led to certain wireless stations banning «amanedes» in 1938, i.e. on the heart of music rather than lyrics. This was, however, not bouzouki music. The interval amanedes, refers to a compassionate of improvised sung epicedium, in ummeasured opportunity, sung in a particular dromos/makam. The amanedes were perhaps the most pointedly oriental compassionate of songs in the Greek repertoire of the opportunity.

References to drugs and other thug or disordered activities now vanished from recordings made in Greek studios, to reappear succinctly in the first recordings made at the resumption of recording enterprise in 1946. In the In Harmony States, however, a blossoming Greek melodious preparation continued, with number cheaply lyrics obviously unartificial by censorship, (see below) although, strangely, the bouzouki continued to be rare on American recordings until after WWII (wikipedia)

The womb of rebetika was the stir and the pot-pourri den. It was there that the inappropriate rebetes created their songs.

They sang in smooth, hoarse voices, unforced, one after the other, each choirboy adding a verse which often hole no referring to to the erstwhile verse, and a number cheaply often went on for hours. There was no refrain, and the refrain was uncontrived and undemanding.

One rebetis accompanied the choirboy with a bouzouki or a baglamas (a smaller understanding of the bouzouki, very pocket-sized, undemanding to devise in dungeon and undemanding to eclipse from the control), and perhaps another, moved by the music, would get up and bop. The inappropriate rebetika songs, particularly the angel songs, were based on Greek people songs and the songs of the Greeks of Smyrna and Constantinople.

ΓΓé¼ΓÇ¥ Elias Petropoulos

Apagorevmena Rempetika 1
01. Dimitris Arapakis — Memetis Hasiklis
02. Giorgos Vidalis — To Hasisi (Pou Poulietai)
03. Antonis Ntalgkas — Stous Apano Mahalades
04. Kostas Roukounas — Kouventa Me To Haro
05. Roza Eskenazu — Eimai Prezakias
06. Antonis Ntalgkas — Oi Neoi Hasiklides
07. Rita Ampatzi — Nea Meraklou
08. Rita Ampatzi — Duo Magkes Mes' Ti Fulaki
09. Euaggelos Sofroniou — Manolis Hasiklis
10. Marika Kanaropoulou — Mes' Tou Manthou Ton Teke
11. Kostas Roukounas — Giati Na Kathesai Na Les (Sto Mauro Vrisko Lismonia)
12. Roza Eskenazu — Ginomai Antras
13. Rita Ampatzi — Ston Teke Tou Perdikaki
14. Stellakis Perpiniadis — Ferte Preza Na Prezaro
15. Stellakis Perpiniadis, Euaggelos Papazoglou — Pente Hronia Dikasmenos (I Foni Tou Argile)

Apagorevmena Rempetika 2
01. Markos Vamvakaris — Kaftone Stauro Kaftone
02. Dimitris Gkogkos (Mpagianteras) — Panta Me Gluko Hasisi
03. Stellakis Perpiniadis — Hthes To Vradu Ston Teke
04. Markos Vamvakaris — An M' Axiosei O Theos
05. Georgia Mittaki — Argile Mou Giati Svineis
06. Stratos Pagioumtzis — Magkes Piaste Ta Vouna (Mpravo Sou Kurie Proedre)
07. Giorgos Mpatis — O Mpoufetzis
08. Markos Vamvakaris — Mastouras
09. Anestis Delias — Otan Mpoukaro Ston Teke
10. Markos Vamvakaris — Htes To Vradu Sto Skotadi
11. Anestis Delias — O Ponos Tou Prezakia
12. Rita Ampatzi, Markos Vamvakaris — San Eisai Magkas Kai Ntais
13. Anestis Delias — To Haremi Sto Hamam (Mes' Tis Polis To Hamam)
14. Markos Vamvakaris — Thelo Mastouris Na Gino
15. Giorgos Mitsakis — Otan Kapnizei O Loulas

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