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Albums, Years & Catalog # in This Spate:

Shooting Rubberbands At The Stars 1988 CD 24192 *
Ghost of A Dog 1990 (not my rip)
Set Right Morning 1994 CGEFD 24715 *
Outlander Things 2006 FSD — 30030-2 *
The Morose Circles 2008 8 81626 90912 6 *
Edie Brickell 2010 no catalog mass *

* Denotes My Rip

I would like to thank The Corsair Bay colleague rjordan21 for Ghost of a Dog. Thanks chap! Audiochecker log included for this rip. If anybody has anymore Edie Brickell please do fancy available in Lossless!


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From Wiki:

Edie Arlisa Brickell (born Sidewalk 10, 1966) is an American choirboy-songwriter very much known for 1988's Shooting Rubberbands at the Stars, the launching album by Edie Brickell & New Bohemians, which went #4 on the US Albums Chart.

Brickell was born in Oak Escarpment, Dallas, Texas. She attended luxurious infuse with at the Booker T. Washington Luxurious Infuse With for the Performing and Visual Arts[1] in Dallas. She attended Southern Methodist University for a year and a half. In 1985, she made the determination one eventide in a bar to get up on put on with a townsperson population daze congregation, New Bohemians. She would link the belt as bamboozle start off choirboy. After the belt was signed to a recording roll oneself, the logo changed the group«s name to Edie Brickell & New Bohemians. Their 1988 launching album Shooting Rubberbands at the Stars became a momentous and commercial happy result, with the big hit, «What I Am». The band»s perform-up album, Ghost of a Dog (1990), did not meals as well.[2] As a alone artist, Brickell released Set Right Morning (1994) and Volcano (2003). In 2006 she reunited with some of the underived members of New Bohemians and they released the album Outlander Things.[3]

In delayed 2007, Brickell and her stepson Harper Simon formed the belt The Morose Circles. They released a cull on iTunes entitled «Hands On.» The Morose Circles released a launching album on February 12, 2008, featuring Sean Lennon, Martha Wainwright, and members of Cibo Matto.[4]

In 2010, Brickell became a founding colleague of new belt The Gaddabouts, consisting of Steve Gadd — drums, Edie Brickell — bamboozle start off vocal, guitar, Andy Fairweather Low — stimulating & acoustic guitars, unobtrusive vocals, Pino Palladino — bass, guitar, also featuring Dan Impediment, Ronnie Cuber, Joey DeFrancesco, Gil Goldstein, Marcus Rojas.http://www.thegaddabouts.com/the-band/

Brickell had a r as a population choirboy in the 1989 videotape, Born on the Fourth of July. Her variety of Bob Dylan«s «A Incontrovertible Rain»s a-Gonna Fall« is featured on the film«s soundtrack. She also sang a screen variety of Lou Reed»s Sidewalk on the Untamed Side in the 1990 videotape Flashback. Her »Good Times» video was included as relinquish of the multimedia samples on the Windows 95 swearing-in CD-ROM.[5]

Her daddy, Eddie Brickell, «the Fort Usefulness Southpaw», was posthumously inducted into the Texas Structure Bowling Relationship Vestibule of Celebrity in 1988.[6]

Brickell married choirboy-songwriter Paul Simon on May 30, 1992.[7] Brickell was performing on NBC«s Saturday Eventide Burning on Saturday November 5, 1988 when she noticed Simon place in fa of the cameraman. «He made me tousle the air up when I looked at him,» she said with a grin. «We can present the kids the ribbon and say, »Look, that«s when we first laid eyes on each other.»» Brickell and Simon have three children—Adrian, Lulu and Gabriel.[8]

In 2011, Edie wrote the interest dog “The Gist of Life” for writer/director Tamar Halpern’s videotape Jeremy Fink and the Gist of Living.

Shooting Rubberbands At The Stars 1988

Edie Brickell — 6 albums 1988 — 2010 [FLAC] — Kitlope

Shooting Rubberbands at the Stars is the launching album by the American variant daze belt Edie Brickell & New Bohemians, released in 1988. The album went 2x platinum in the Communal States.


1. «What I Am»
2. «Little Pass Over S.»
3. «Air of December»
4. «The Wheel»
5. «Love Like We Do»
6. «Circle»
7. «Beat the Time»
8. «She»
9. «Nothing»
10. «Now»
11. «Keep Coming Back»
12. «I Do» (Cryptic dog)

Ghost of A Dog 1990

Edie Brickell — 6 albums 1988 — 2010 [FLAC] — Kitlope

Ghost of a Dog is the second album by American variant daze belt Edie Brickell & New Bohemians, released in 1990 (see 1990 in music).


1. «Mama Help Me»
2. «Black And Blue»
3. «Carmelito»
4. «He Said»
5. «Times Like This»
6. «10,000 Angels»
7. «Ghost of a Dog»
8. «Strings of Love»
9. «Woyaho»
10. «Oak Escarpment Bra»
11. «Stwisted»
12. «This Eye»
13. «Forgiven»
14. «Me By The Sea»

Picture Set Right Morning 1994

Edie Brickell — 6 albums 1988 — 2010 [FLAC] — Kitlope

Set Right Morning is the alone launching album by the American singer/songwriter Edie Brickell, released in 1994 (see 1994 in music). The video for Advantage Times was included as relinquish of the multimedia samples included on Microsoft's Windows 95 Handbook CD-ROM.


1. «Tomorrow Comes» – 3:56
2. «Green» – 3:21
3. «When the Lights Go Down» – 3:48
4. «Good Times» – 3:09
5. «Another Woman's Dream» – 2:45
6. «Stay Awhile» – 4:35
7. «Hard Times» – 3:41
8. «Olivia» – 3:43
9. «In the Bath» – 2:43
10. «Picture Set Right Morning» – 3:20
11. «Lost in the Moment» – 6:03

Stranger Things 2006

Edie Brickell — 6 albums 1988 — 2010 [FLAC] — Kitlope

Outlander Things is the fourth album by American jam belt Edie Brickell & New Bohemians, released July 25, 2006 on Vision Records.


1. «Stranger Things» (Edie Brickell, Kenny Withrow, New Bohemians) — 3:20
2. «Oh My Soul» (Brickell, Withrow) — 2:52
3. «Buffalo Ghost» (Brickell, New Bohemians) — 4:36
4. «No Dinero» (Brickell, New Bohemians) — 5:30
5. «Early Morning» (Brickell, Withrow, New Bohemians) — 5:00
6. «Lover Take Me» (Brickell, Brad Houser, New Bohemians) — 4:23
7. «A Off-The-Wall Thing» (Brickell, Withrow, New Bohemians) — 3:05
8. «Mainline Cherry» (Brandon Aly, Brickell, New Bohemians) — 4:14
9. «Long Forgotten Friend» (Brickell, Withrow, New Bohemians) — 3:13
10. «Wear You Down» (Brickell) — 4:12
11. «One Last Time» (Brickell, Withrow) — 4:00
12. «Spanish Variety Guitar» (Brickell, Withrow, New Bohemians) — 5:28
13. «Elephants and Ants» (Brickell, Withrow) — 6:41

The Morose Circles 2008

Edie Brickell — 6 albums 1988 — 2010 [FLAC] — Kitlope

The Morose Circles is an American indie daze belt featuring Edie Brickell and Harper Simon. The album features contributions from many guests musicians including Sean Lennon, Filthy Lucre Sign, Yuka Honda from the belt Cibo Matto, Patrick Warren and Jeff Buckley/Rufus Wainwright drummer Matt Johnson.

On February 12, 2008, The Morose Circles released their self-titled launching album on the indie daze logo Dynamite Descendant. The album was released in the UK in April 2008.


1. «Henri» — 2:47
2. «Better» — 3:10
3. «Ready to Play» — 3:45
4. «Confused» — 3:57
5. «Easier» — 4:31
6. «Maximo» — 3:07
7. «Wait and Wait» — 4:14
8. «Need a Friend» — 3:06
9. «Dynamite Child» — 1:45
10. «Oh Darling» — 3:52

Edie Brickell 2010

Edie Brickell — 6 albums 1988 — 2010 [FLAC] — Kitlope


1. Reject It Another Day
2. Pill
3. Been So Good
4. Always
5. 2 o'Clock In The Morning
6. On The Avenue
7. Waiting For Me
8. You Come Back
9. It Takes Love
10. Bad Way

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