Cloud Nothings - Discography (2009-2014) [FLAC]

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Cloud Nothings — Discography (2009-2014) [FLAC]

Class: Pop/Rock
Styles: Indie, Lo-Fi, Hullabaloo Rock
Begetter: CD, WEB
Codec: FLAC
Bitrate: ~ 1,000 kbps
Bit Extensively: 16
Specimen Be Entitled To: 44.1 KHz


2009 Turning On (Australian Perk Tracks Print Run)
2011 Cloud Nothings (Australian Perk Tracks Print Run)
2012 Criticize on Memory
2014 Here and Nowhere Else


2010 Cloud Nothings / Campfires Split
2010 Kevin Greenspon + Cloud Nothings (WEB)

Cloud Nothings« copious lo-fi pop is the brainchild of Dylan Baldi, a Cleveland, Ohio aborigine who was still in his teens when the kick about his music started. Baldi was majoring in audio recording at college when he dropped out to blurred on his living quarters recordings. After a few months, he uploaded the songs «Hey Cold Kid» and «Whaddaya Wanna Know» to his MySpace bellhop, which led to gigs with Woods and Trusted Trading Estate, and 2010 singles released via Collect Tightener and Old Burn Records. That year, Cloud Nothings also released a split cassette with Campfires and the Turning On EP. On the brawn of all this music, Baldi signed to Carpark in the U.S. and to Wichita Records in the U.K.; Turning On was reissued with selected tracks from his other singles. Along with dates with Wavves, Titus Andronicus, and Best Seaboard, Baldi began drudgery on Cloud Nothings» choke-full-while in Baltimore, Maryland’s Copycat Construction studio with in britain director Chester Gwazda. The results of those sessions became Cloud Nothings, which arrived in January 2011. Later that year, Baldi and his border went into the studio with Steve Albini; the conclusion of these sessions was 2012«s much rawer, heavier Criticize on Reminiscence. That July, the Loaded @ the Grog Snitch On EP, which captured a particularly blistering set from Cloud Nothings» spell, was released. Following the close of their disconsolate touring programme, Baldi took some occasionally to put the finishing touches on new data. Soon after, he headed to the studio in Hoboken, New Jersey with in britain director John Congleton to lay down tracks for the trio's fourth album Here and Nowhere Else, which was due in 2014.

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