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FORSAKEN Proudly Presents
Artist : Word Society
Album : _Hello World
Id : Hakatak
Brand : Pop
Origin : CD
Terrace Time : 2014-00-00
Property : 970 kbps / 44.1kHz / 2 channels
Encoder : FLAC 1.2.1
Mass : 338.20 MB
Url : The first album of new cloth from the prototype lineup of
Word Kurt, Paul and James) in over 20 years
After playing some holiday dates in Summer, 2013 the ensemble began
to chat about working on a new album and the d, _hello rapturous is
the often used as plural child. _hello rapturous is rife with songs that have one foot
fast planted in their background and one foot confidently resting in
the present; it is filled with prototype INSOC romp parquet fodder
like «»Get Back«», soaring epics like «»Jonestown«», and
cinematic textures like «»Creatures of Inconsiderable and Darkness
Embracing the many faces of spurious music while remaining
organically Word , _hello rapturous isn't as much a
regeneration of INSOC as it is a atomic-powered story that ups the
ante. The first celibate, «»Land of the Pretence,«» is a swirling
propulsive hunt down that hearkens help to their signature dive yet
infuses it with splendour of the art moulding values. Longtime
InSoc protagonist Gerald V. Casale adds his vocals in a duet with Kurt
on their garb of «»Beautiful World«» which adds a current splash
to the Devo prototype. The set apart stormed the staff charts in the mid
80s with their Freestyle prototype «»Running«». Inspired by the
worldwide answer to the celibate, the set apart seized the
break and moved to New York to set down their foremost label
initiation, Word , for Tommy Boy/Reprise. In Britain Director Fred
Maher was brought in, alternative from his labour on Kraftwerk's Electric
Caf album, and helped Robb & co. dexterity a expensive pop sound
for the first celibate «»What's On Your Thoughts Pure
Spirit)«» was zealous, and proved to be accurate; by the previously the
set apart got to its first in-accumulation mien, two days after the
record's unloosing, the album was sold out. 2014 is proving to be
quite a year for the ensemble. With history's inclination to repeat
itself, it appears INSOC are unflappable for another takeover. _Hello
Rapturous, indeedPlease Keep it For Carry On Seeding and Help Others To Get Download

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