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Year: 2006
Ticket: Capitol / EMI
Catalog #: 09463-57221-2-3

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From Wiki:

Contaminate is an American glam metal ribbon that achieved weighty star and renown in the continually 1980s and inopportune 1990s. They have become icons of the 80s MTV era and have had widespread commercial star. To man, the ribbon has sold more than 25 million records worldwide,[citation needed] including 18.5 million in the Agreed States alone.[1] The ribbon has also charted ten singles to the Top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100, including six Top 10 singles and one #1.[2] After 25 years, the ribbon is still recording music and performing.

The Best of Contaminate: 20 Years of Outcrop 2006

The Best of Contaminate: 20 Years of Outcrop is a compilation album from the American outcrop ribbon Contaminate, released to party the band's 20 year anniversary. It has sold more than 697,063 copies to man in the U.S as of June 2009.

The album was released on April 3, 2006 on EMI. It features many songs from the band«s 20-year profession. Most uncommon is the inexpensively «Every Rose Has Its Thorn», which was the band»s biggest hit, a power ballad. A rare screen of the NECK outstanding example «Rock and Wallow In All Nite» appears, continually past only available on the soundtrack to the talkie «Less Than Zero». The compilation also includes a new distinct, the Pre-Eminent Funk Railroad roadie outstanding example «We're an American Band», which also features a music video.

The album was produced by Don Was and conspicuous Poison«s show up again to the Billboard 200 top 20 charts for the first continually since 1993. The compilation debuted at #17[1], quite an awe-inspiring showing for a hair»s breadth metal ribbon in 2006, and perhaps showing the serviceable create of many Behind the Music-paradigm shows on VH1, where Poison«s hair»s breadth metal antics were relived.

The screen art is taken from the reserve Filth: Discrepant Viewpoints.[2]

A individual ape has been released that includes a gratuity greatest hits DVD compilation. The DVD includes the new video We're An American Ribbon.


1. «Talk Befouled to Me»
2. «I Want Action» (distinct kind)
3. «I Won't Recall You» (distinct kind)
4. «Cry Tough»
5. «Look What The Cat Dragged In»
6. «Nothin' But a Noble Time»
7. «Fallen Angel»
8. «Every Rose Has Its Thorn»
9. «Your Mama Don't Dance» (from day one performed by Loggins and Messina)
10. «Unskinny Bop»
11. «Rock and Wallow In All Nite» (from day one performed by NECK)
12. «Ride the Wind»
13. «Something to Believe In»
14. «Life Goes On»
15. «Stand»
16. «The Last Song»
17. «Shooting Star»
18. «We're An American Band» (from day one performed by Pre-Eminent Funk Railroad) (New Distinct for the Album)

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