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Jackson was born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1946. One of seven children, Jackson red snug harbor a comfortable at the age of twelve to upon exertion at a furnace in Waterhouse. At seventeen, the effects of malnutrition had red him hospitalized, and on his disseminate he was red with crude arthritis which had somewhat incapacitated his legs.[2] His tangible qualification meant that he was not able to bring back to his whilom exertion, and he was contrived into hustling a living on the streets of Kingston.

His Christian beliefs were markedly different from that of his Rastafarian contemporaries, which often prompted contend on religio-patient matters, and it was after one of these discussions that Jackson first headed towards a recording studio, having heard music «like a uncommon ting, within a my thoughts — like an angel a sing».

Another appeal in asylum meant that determination well-heeled for recording was unyielding, but in the end the «Conquering Lion» lone was released till in 1972, credited to «Vivian Jackson and the Ralph Brothers». Cut for Royal Tubby, the approval of the number cheaply and its characteristic introduction (the canticle of «Be-you, yabby-yabby-you») earned Jackson the handle «Yabby You», which has remained with him during his complete career.

The next few months saw the recording of several more singles, released under different names on various note labels, (although usually credited to «Vivian Jackson and the Prophets», and often featuring a Royal Tubby «version» on the b-side); culminating in the disseminate of the Conquering Lion album. A Royal Tubby varied dub set, Royal Tubby's Vaticinate of Dub, was also issued, albeit on a narrow run of 500 copies, help to ordain Jackson as a roots artist.

Yabby's happy result allowed him to bough out as a maker, and he began working with both upcoming and more established artists including Wayne Hedge, Michael Rose, Tommy McCook, Michael Diviner, Big Adolescents, Trinity, Dillinger and Tapper Zukie, while continuing to disseminate his own supplies.

Jackson continued to note, create and take (often with the aid of crutches) until the mid 1980s. He re-emerged in the original 1990s, issuing both new and old supplies, and his recordings have been the obedient to of several soprano property reissues in till-model years. In 2000 he released a singles remix extend out with Glen Brown. The album included remixes of «Conquering Lion» by Smith and Gigantic, and a remix of Glen Brown by Little Axe and Head.

Tracklist :

1 Introduction

2 Flames in the City

3 Know Why

4 Jah Vengeance

5 Flames Deh A Mus Mus Tail

6 Leaving

7 Canticle Down Babylon Kingdom

8 I am Foreigner

9 Outro

Enjoyyyyy and Decay ............

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