Ready-Mixed Funk - Garnering (8 Albums) FLAC

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Ready-Mixed Funk — Garnering (8 Albums) FLAC

Instant Funk — Chrestomathy (1976-1983) FLAC

Artist: Precooked Funk
Tenure: Chrestomathy (1976-1983)
Species: Funk, Heart, Disco
Plan: FLAC

Precooked Funk were an American 1970s and 1980s disco join, best known for their disco archetypal, «I Got My Babysit Made Up (You Can Get It Betrothed)».

Precooked Funk came out of Trenton, New Jersey consisting of Raymond Earl, Scotty Miller and guitarist Kim Miller. The association was then called The Music Make and they were very lucky as a encourage-up join for The Manhattans, Bunny Sigler and also the TNJs. Throughout their careers, Precooked Funk would be the encourage-up join for many stars, including Lou Rawls, Loleatta Holloway, The O'Jays, MFSB, Curtis Mayfield and Evelyn Champagne Prince (they are the succour join on the hit fix, «Shame»).

The association relocated to Philadelphia in 1976 to unloosing its first album, Get Down With the Philly Interruption, as they started to systematize their own characteristic. The association followed this album up with a unloosing for former MFSB guitarist Norman Harris' new information epithet Gold Babysit, with face man Bunny Sigler entitled «Let Me Fete With You».

The Gold Babysit epithet folded, and Precooked Funk«s new cut «I Got My Babysit Made Up» was transferred to the Salsoul epithet, which pushed the information heavily to all of the disco clubs. The remix of this bother by union DJ Larry Levan and put over Bob Passive fast became the talk of Manhattan. «I Got My Babysit Made Up» hit #1 on both the R&B and disco charts and #20 on the Billboard Hot 100 tabulation in the appear of 1979. The group»s eponymous first album on Salsoul was also a hit, reaching #1 R&B and being certified gold disc status.

Precooked Funk initially stayed together to trek when Salsoul folded. They in due course disbanded, and Bunny Sigler went on to mount as put asunder pass over up of The Trammps.

1976 - Get Down With The Philly Interruption (Vinyl)

1. It Ain«t Reggae (But It»s Funky). Precooked Funk. flac
2. The Mack Is Encourage. Precooked Funk. flac
3. Philly Interruption. Precooked Funk. flac
4. Pass Over Me Your Inclination. Precooked Funk. flac
5. I Know Where You're Coming From. Precooked Funk. flac
6. Hup Two, Hup Two (Get In Postcard, Say Get In Postcard). Precooked Funk. flac
7. So Pleased I'm The One. Precooked Funk. flac
8. Funky Africa. Precooked Funk. flac
9. We Can M It Out. Precooked Funk. flac
10. Go For Yourself. Precooked Funk. flac

1978 - I Got My Babysit Made Up (EP)
1. I Got My Babysit Made Up ( Portrayal). flac
2. I Got My Babysit Made Up (Larry Levan Mix). flac
3. Crying (Larry Levan Mix). flac

1979 - Precooked Funk (Vinyl)
1. I Got My Babysit Made Up (You Can Get It Betrothed)
2. Crying
3. Never Let It Go Away
4. Don't You Wanna Party
5. Ample Area Of Sports
6. Gloom Vader
7. You Say You Want Me To Stay
8. I'll Be Doggone

1979 - Enchantress Doctor
1. Rebuff, Rebuff, Lickedy Lap. flac
2. Enchantress Doctor. flac
3. I Had A Fantasy. flac
4. Bodyshine. flac
5. It's Your Inclination On My Babysit. flac
6. I Want To Inclination You. flac
7. Riot And Roar. flac
8. Rebuff Slap Lickedy Rebuff (Another Mix). flac
9. Enchantress Doctor (Prolonged Portrayal). flac
10. Bodyshine (12«» Mix). flac

1981 - The Funk Is On
1. The Funk Is On. 198. flac
2. Everybody. 198. flac
3. You Want My Inclination. 198. flac
4. Funk-N-Register. 198. flac
5. It's Phlegmatic. 198. flac
6. What Can I Do For You. 198. flac
7. Can You See Where I'm Coming From. 198. flac
8. You're Not Getting Older. 198. flac

1982 - Looks So Fine
1. Looks So Good. flac
2. Why Don't You Think About Me. flac
3. Upon Dunk the Funk. flac
4. Gotta Like That. flac
5. Jumpin' to Conclusions. flac
6. Pass Over It to You Neonate. flac
7. Worthless Rockin'. flac
8. Why Don't You Think About Me (12 mix). flac
9. Jumpin to conclusions ( reorder). flac

1983 – Kinky
1. (Just Because) You'll Be Scan. flac
2. Don't Phone Me Mate. flac
3. Funkiest Fete in the Area. flac
4. Keep It Up. flac
5. Crisp. flac
6. Let's Judge Inclination. flac
7. Passion. flac
8. Tonight We're Gonna Judge Inclination. flac

2006 - The Anthology
1. I Got My Babysit Made Up
2. Crying
3. Don’t You Wanna Party
4. Ample Area Of Sports
5. Gloom Vader
6. I’ll Be Doggone
7. Rebuff Slap Lickedy Lap
8. Enchantress Doctor
9. Bodyshine
10. It’s You Inclination On My Mind
11. Riot & Shout
12. The Funk Is On
13. Everybody
14. It’s Cool
15. Can You See Where I’m Coming From

1. Looks So Fine
2. Why Don’t You Think About Me
3. Upon Dunk The Funk
4. Pass Over It To You Baby
5. Worthless Rockin’
6. No Stoppin’ That Rockin’
7. Who Took Away The Funk
8. Blazin'
9. (Just Because) You’ll Be Mine
10. Tonight We’re Gonna Judge Love
11. Don’t Phone Me Brother
12. Let’s Judge Love
13. Passion
14. Funkiest Fete In The World

Raymond Earl — Bass
Scotty Miller — Drums
Kim Miller — Guitar

They later expanded to encompass:
Dennis Richardson — Keyboards
James Carmichael — Be Conducive To vocals
Larry Davis — Horns
Eric Huff — Horns
Johnny Onderlinde — Horns
George Bell — Horns
Charles Williams — Percussion

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