Beach To Beach AM 08-10-2015 Shemitah Cycles - Healing and Dreams

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Coast To AM 08-10-2015 Shemitah Cycles — Healing and Dreams

Girlfriend: Monday — August 10, 2015
Army: George Noory
Guests: Jonathan Cahn, Kathleen O'Keefe-Kanavos

In the first half, historian and boffin in antique mysteries Jonathan Cahn discussed how omens and cycles from antique texts are reappearing with staggering similarities to the events which foretold the knocking down and decline of colossal civilizations. The round of Shemitah was from the first described in the Bible as a sabbath or holiday for the terra firma, and occurs for a one-year full stop every seven years, he explained, adding that this design of sevens predicted 9/11, the disaster of 2008, and other past remunerative downturns. He translated Shemitah as «shaking» and said the round can also make known to periods of logical disasters.

A new Shemitah round starts this September 13th and it«s actually the culmination of a 50 year round-- a style of wonderful-Shemitah, and it will run through September 2016, he said. This full stop could subsume a larger war involving Israel that results in a sibylline end times restoration, Cahn continued. At this juncture, «I believe we could be watching a stupendous mutate of excellent representation,» which will subsume America»s ruin, he remarked. Yet, on the doctrinaire side, this austerity to the Unified States has the admissibility opportunity of bringing about a colossal holy recovery to the hinterlands, he added.

In the latter half, Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos described how she survived three incidences of cancer missed by the medical community, by relying on her precognitive dreams, in which she received sustenance-sparingness resources messages from her pneuma guides. Appearing to her as monks in recurring nightmares, they insisted she take particular actions in regards to her medical position. In one precedent, while she was in subsidence from her first spree of tit cancer, she was told by her guides to ask her doctor for exploratory surgery. The doctor was initially stubborn but she at long last was able to bring around him, and they ended up verdict a podium 2 carcinoma, and cancer in the lymph node in a watch-up onwards. If she hadn«t acted on the guide»s bulletin, it likely would have been too fresh for her, she surmised.

She is enlightened when her pneuma guides enrol her vision magnificence as they appear like «pop-ups» over the existing fraction. The guides or endless teachers (ETs) are able to hand on via a style of changeless «Ocean of Gnosis,» an encompassing competitors that all beings dispensation, she complete. The guides can act like instructors for the crises and walls that we run up against as kindly beings in this lifetime, she continued. Kathleen shares a loosely guidebook on how to access, awaken, and get your inner influence during the vision magnificence.

Dirt fraction guests: Lauren Weinstein, Steve Kates

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