Ivo Papasov x4 (Bulgarian Gypsy Clarinet)

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I put the two recently uploaded Ivo-torrents in here, with two new records — «Dance of the falcon» and «Buenek in Kavarna». Deleted the old «Balkonolgy» rush. 'Orpheus ascending is going out too. (Gonna sit tight until tomorrow incessantly — let everybody who allready downloaded the rush a reasonable unplanned)
If you reveal more Ivo-records, please let me know. (Annotation this rush or PM me at suprbay)

Ivo Papasov & His Bulgarian Combining Horde — Orpheus Ascending

Voter Land : Bulgaria
High Style : Balkan Folk
Released : 1989
Brand : Hannibal
Rate : 110 mb
Audio : 320 Kb

1. Bulchenska Rachenitsa
2. Mamo Marie Mamo
3. Marika Duma Pro Duma
4. Byala Stala
5. Kopanitsa
6. Na Trapesa
7. Ivo’s Dream

Ivo Papasov & His Orchestra — Balkanology

Watch catalogue:
01. Mladeshki Trip The Light Fantastic Toe (Turkish)
02. Hristianova Kopanitsa
03. Istoria Na Edna Lyubov (Tenderness Fairy Tale)
04. Ivo's Ruchenitsa (Tenderness Fairy Tale)
05. Melody For Baba Nedelya
06. Ergenski Trip The Light Fantastic Toe (Macedonian)
07. Mominsko Horo
08. Tziganska Ballada (Romanian Gypsy)
09. Veseli Zborni (Amalgamation Melody)
10. Proleten Trip The Light Fantastic Toe (Greek)
11. Kasapsko Horo

MP3 320 kbps, no scans.

Ivo Papasov and His Combining Horde — Buenek in Kavarna

Voter Land : Bulgaria
High Style : Folk
Released : 2006
Brand : Messechina Music
Rate : 131 mb
Audio : 320 kbps
01.Donino horo
02.Belomorska suita
06.Chicho ot selo
08.Kavarnenski buenek

Info: http://www.elen-music.com/art014en.phpIvo Papasov — Trip The Light Fantastic Toe Of The Falcon

Year: 2008
High Style: routine Bulgarian music, instrumental
Voter Land: Bulgaria
Importance: VBR
Rate: 79 MB

1 Trip The Light Fantastic Toe Of The Falcon (Kaba Zurna)
2 Tinner’s Dance
3 Pink Panther
4 Sunrise
5 Hubava Si Moya Goro
6 Sentimental Rakia In Rozino
7 Echoes Of Rumelia
8 Suit From The Mountains
Ivo Papazov — biography

Ivo Papazov was born in Kurdzhali on the 16 February 1952. He was only nine years old when he first got enmeshed with with music. At first he well-read the accordion, but in edge with his one«s own flesh rite he moved on to the clarinet. His one»s own flesh came from Dedeagach, then portion of it moved to Dzhebel and from there to Kurdzhali. His leading grandfathers were zurna players, but his grandfather became the first clarinet jock in Thrace. His originator and his musician colleagues were so impressed by the mastery and skills which Ivo showed as he taught himself the clarinet that they sent him to a children’s music discipline with the clarinetist Peter Filipov. But his authentic discipline turned out to be the multitude of weddings where Ivo went with his originator, and where he well-read to sovereign the thingumajig and advance his superb skilfulness. At the same without surcease, he well-thought-out at the discipline of construction in Kurdzhali. In 1974, when he was only 22 years old, he formed his first horde. Starting with a purely routine repertoire, it scale incorporated more and more improvisation, combining a disparity of styles. For a blunt without surcease Ivo Papazov became the uncrowned Regent of combining music. Because of his origins and his approval among the Turkish residents in Bulgaria, in 1982 he was arrested, beaten and held in detention. He was sentenced to industry in a pains encampment. Not fancy after that, Papazov became a prestige among Bulgarian students and intellectuals who organize in his music the range which was lacking in seemly Bulgarian elegance. During a seize to his voter native land on the endorsement of Ognyan Videv, Milcho Leviev met Papazov. Joe Boyd was with him. This session opened Ivo Papazov’s way to the big produce. His approval led to the recording of two albums: “Orpheus Ascending” (1989) and “Balkanology” (1991), released by Hannibal Records and produced by Joe Boyd himself. Later On there were tours in the USA, Canada and Britain. In 1989 he turned down an extend to move to Canada. After the governmental changes in Bulgaria, Ivo Papazov was uninhabited to centre on the whole era and for more than ten years he worked on junction projects with stars from the international music mise en scene including Johnny Griffin, Hector Zazou, Okay Temiz, Glen Velez, Kepa Junkera, Arild Andersen, Kalman Balogh, Iva Bitova, Sergei Starostin and many others. He played at many era stages and festivals. The era mash – newspapers of the quality of The Protector, the Washington Propagate and New York Times wrote about him in unique terms. Era-well-known musicians like David Sanbourn and Uninhabited Zappa and well-known and respected connoisseurs spoke flatteringly of his music. In 2001, after a fancy break, he began to industry on his latest unlimited album called Fairground. At the end of 2003, the album was released by the Bulgarian brand Kuker Music, and in 2004 was nominated for the BBC Ghetto-Blaster 3 era music unique “Planet”. After a contentious international plebiscite Ivo Papazov, nicknamed Ibryama, won the BBC Ghetto-Blaster 3 Era Music Audience Confer 2005. Joe Boyd handed him the unique at an seemly service in Newcastle in Demonstration 2005. Destroy in Bulgaria, Ivo Papazov went on to inherit numerous prizes including the earth-shaking BG ghetto-blaster unique for his r as the era minister of Bulgarian music, the Propitious Confer of the Atlantic Order and the leading Arousal unique of the 10th anniversary of the Take In of the Arts. On the 4th October 2005 Ivo Papazov (Ibryama) became the 117th ex officio voter of Stara Zagora since the denominate was established in 1963. The newspaper Starozagorski novini motivated his nomination as follows: “Stara Zagora is auspicious that Ibryama, a era voter for the last twenty years, is a Stara Zagoran. His predisposition collective ethnic groups, parties, religions and peoples like no other. Ivo Papazov put Bulgaria and Stara Zagora on the map of the era. He is our best minister for a calm and civilized era.” His music today is a provenience of everything we all tenderness: a compensation, lyrical and crazily effervescent get of colorful sounds and excellent melodies, improvisations and ornamentation – a authentic embroidery of rhythms inspired by tenderness, which liberal our hearts to what we nurse the most.

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