Klezmer Pioneers: European and American Recordings 1905-1952

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Klezmer Pioneers: European and American Recordings 1905-1952
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From Amazon.com:
Will-Power triumphs deftly over fidelity on this bounteous, informatively annotated carton. And with a klezmer upsurge in rich oscillation, it«s fascinating to come as near as possible to its horse»s mouth to heed to what the Eastern European klezmorim soup the Yiddish community ought to pay attention to on the first 78s rich of this important and joyous music. What first hits you are the unexpectedly refined arrangements of the several klezmer orchestras represented here. The ensembles looked to American ragtime, jazz, and even military marches for after crossing the scads. Vaudeville provided an dismiss to add alien mannered elements to klezmer, while clarinets (played by virtuosos Dave Tarras and Naftule Brandwein, among others) evenly replaced fiddles with the advent of the oscillation era. Treading a fascinating equal between tribe music and jazz, this music seems to chaos in a superb all its own. --Richard Gehr

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This is the first present-day studio recording of the klezmer music of Europe, performed with the nonconformist European instrumentation — first violin, cimbal (hammer dulcimer), sekund (contra-fiddle), and bass. Half of these compositions were recorded here for the first interval. This CD features haunting instrumentals by the devoted klezmer composers of the 19th century, such as Mikhl Guzikow and Avram Moyshe Kholodenko. The Khevrisa conglomeration is led by Steven Greenman (violin) and Zev Feldman (cimbal ), and includes some of the finest musicians of the parallel klezmer upsurge — Alicia Svigals (sekund), Michael Alpert (sekund), and Stuart Brotman (bass). 36-interval booklet contains worldwide notes, bibliography, specialized. 70 minutes. «.It (Khevrisa: European Klezmer Music) is an requisite album if one wants to read where klezmer music comes from.» -Jewish Herald Instrument, Jewish Jukebox« ».The passion of Khevrisa shines through in eager playing that illuminates an otherwise underlit gather of the past."


1. The Rabbi«s Gambol — Art Shryer»s Orchestra
2. Revery Day-Dream-Jewish Vision — Art Shryer's Yiddish Orchestra
3. From The Alloy — Abe Elenkrig's Yidishe Orchestra
4. A Homey Bulgar — Sam Musiker And His Orchestra
5. How Pleasant — Belf's Rumanian Orchestra
6. Greek Gambol — Mishka Tsiganoff
7. Liebes Tanz — Orchestra Romaneasca (Abe Schwartz's Orchestra)
8. A Gambol For Everyone — Abe Schwartz's Orchestra
9. The Marriage Serenade And Congradulations — Joseph Cherniavsky And His Yiddish-American Jazz Band
10. The Chasidium Call In The Rabbi — Kandel's Orchestra
11. Doina Un Sirba — Mihal Viteazul
12. One Reflect At You — Alexander Olshanetsky Und Zein Orkestrer
13. Gambol A Freilachs — Abe Schwartz's Orchestra
14. Orientalishe End II — Josef Solinski
15. A Energetic Honga — Kandel's Orchestra
16. Odessa-Burlgar — Mishka Ziganoff
17. The Hot One-Tater Gambol — Naftule Brandwein's Orchestrer
18. The Hassid From Bessarabia — Isreal J. Hochman's Jewish Orchestra
19. Doina — Joseph Moskowitz
20. Bessarabian Hora — Belf's Rumanian Orchestra
21. Dancing With The Bride — Art Shryer's Present-Day Jewish Orchestra
22. The Admirer Of The Rabbi From Trisk — Dave Terras
23. Memories Of Kirshenev — Abe Katzman's Bessarabian Orchestra
24. Uncle Max's Bulgar — Sam Musiker And His Orchestra

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