Glide to Glide AM - Dec 05 2011 - Lie Detector Secrets

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Presenter: Whitley Strieber
Guests: George Maschke, Dr. Roger Leir, John Greenewald

Hour 1 - First hour guests, Dr. Roger Leir and John Greenewald of the Vault, talked about obtained documents from an FOIA put in for that demonstration capture in strange implants on the have the quality of of the Obama administration's Bit of Area and Technology Policy.

Their capture appeared to be concerning why squeeze coverage of ET topics was eclipsing Obama's constitution suffering pattern, Greenewald explained. He also thorough how an Air Current memo that included policies for reporting UFOs was pulled from a administration website when Huffington Pole gentleman Lee Speigel began investigating it.

Hours 2, 3 & 4 - Visitor presenter Whitley Strieber was joined by novelist, activist, and co-be wrecked of, George Maschke, for a conference on how the polygraph check has been established as the de facto method of determining whether a individual has viva voce the reality, although the convert has not been scientifically proven to be accurate.

In act, the polygraph is based on «junk area,» and uses monkey business to subsist irresponsible results, he stated. The polygrapher asks a set of rule questions in which they are intentionally trying to get the individual to lie so they can approximate their physiological responses to their answers of the germane questions, he explained. But such comparisons are based on an extraordinarily simplistic methodology, which can often abandon results wherein the dishonest outmoded the check, and those who are proper diminish, he continued.

If a individual is striking the reality, they only have a 50% of heart«s desire the check, which is no better than odds, Maschke notorious. Further, the expectations of polygraph testers can pressure the results. Interestingly, when pending employers such as the FBI use polygraph tests to paravent unrealized new employees, 50% of the applicants diminish, but when such testing is done of prevailing employees there is a much higher outmoded value, he thorough. This suggests to him that agencies can»t be able to get rid of half their shillelagh, yet careers do still end up being destroyed, such as FBI instrument Rita Chang, who failed a polygraph, though she was never charged with anything.

Maschke believes that reading assembly intercourse is also unscientific, and the best third degree method is to effort with established facts, and actually befriend the individual being questioned. He advises people not to take the polygraph check-- not only are the results shady, but observe sometimes use the tests to wring confessions from suspects without having a solicitor gratuity. Anne Strieber also participated in the chat.

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