Littoral To Littoral AM 10-28-2015 Rum Pre-Eminent - Davy Jones's Locker Changes and Georgia UFO

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Coastline To Coastline AM 10-28-2015 Weird Major — High Seas Changes and Georgia UFO

Era: Wednesday — October 28, 2015
Body: George Noory
Guests: Linda Moulton Howe, Brom -

Earthfiles investigative anchorwoman Linda Moulton Howe discussed a major that is emitting a undemanding imitate which is outlander than any of the 150,000 stars conscious by the Kepler Wait Summarize in the four years; a bewildering «blob of very sniffles water» in the North Atlantic; and the 2015 occasion of an Army Sergeant who drove into weird fog and discovered an 800-foot-diameter disc-shaped expertise.

The undemanding imitate of a bull's-eye grey major called KIC 8462852, some 1,480 undemanding-years from World suggests that some species of complex enigma construct is circling the major, causing broken brightening and dimming by «a greater portion of objects,» according to Prof. Jason Wright, an astronomer at Penn Confirm University. He told Linda that he and his colleagues are studying all possible honest explanations, and the bottomless though unlikely potentiality that it could be a «swarm of megastructures» built by an advanced from culture to take in dynamism from the major. At the trace of the Penn Confirm troupe, SETI started pointing their Rural Bank ghetto-blaster summarize at the unexpected major to halt for signals. More here.

Regarding the psych jargon exceptional amount of sniffles liberally in the Atlantic, Linda spoke with NOAA inspection scientist Ronald Delworth, who illustrious it could be agnate to changing up patterns. The business is that all this sniffles untrained liberally could doctor North Atlantic High Seas waters so much that the vigorous Bight Flood proclamation known as the «meridional overturning circulation» could circumspectly down with untold consequences to the maritime viability and the European air. In the years up ahead, storms may distend in vigour, though there could be fewer of them in thorough, Delworth said. Further details.

Over two segments, Linda interviewed 37-year-old Army Sergeant, «C.J.,» who had a weird experience while traveling with his the missis and two sons near Wadley, Georgia, en path to Colorado on June 29, 2015. After seeing a stout disc-shaped expertise covered with odd symbols, he and his the missis had lurch cut memories, intermingling, and confounded habits. Their car computer and minds were manipulated, and when they when all is said checked into a hostelry, C.J. kept having weird dreams with non-mortal beings in them. The next stygian at another motel stopping-place, C.J. woke up shocked to discover that he was standard in the bathroom with a ballpoint pen in his deliver editorial squares and lines on the repayment of his motel stub. Those squares and ones turned out to be binary rules which Linda translated, portion of which included a nebulous indication about major systems in Orion and Zeta Reticuli.

The Celebrity of Krampus
In the first half-hour, acclaimed artist and initiator, Brom, shared folkloric tales from old European cultures about Krampus (picture) — an ominous horned imp with a hanker talk and cloven hooves who punishes the scampish children who don«t announce Santa»s — pleasantly file. Trifle of as the arcane chaperone to St. Nicholas, Krampus is illustrious in many Alpine countries on December 5th with participants wearing deliver carved masks and dressing as the madcap creature.

Scandal split guests: John M. Curtis, Mish Shedlock, Steve Kates

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