Sea-Coast To Sea-Coast AM 11-04-2015 Anomalous Celebrated and Place Gossip - Numerology

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Coast To Strand AM 11-04-2015 Anomalous Peerless and Place Expos — Numerology

Antiquated: Wednesday — November 4, 2015
Body: George Noory
Guests: Seth Shostak, Glynis McCants

In the first half, higher- ranking astronomer at SETI, Seth Shostak, talked about the anomalous peerless KIC 8462852 and the methods scientists are using to inspect its uncommon characteristics, NASA’s big pronouncement about «water on Mars,» and other place expos. Statistics from the Kepler Place Ghetto-Blaster Telescope revealed that KIC 8462852 on dimmed as much as 20%, which is far greater than the create of a planet impelling in face of it during its track. There«s a whole laundry shopping list of possible reasons, including cometary debris created when another peerless passed near by. The megastructure postulate, which suggests an ET refinement placed a Dyson flood or colossal objects around the peerless to converge , «is the least likely horse to bet on,» as it»s much more believable that there«s a consistent explication, we just don»t see yet," Shostak remarked. SETI has been looking for signals from the unearthing and will state their prolegomenon findings this Thursday.

Looking for signals from red dominate stars is a favourable avenue, Shostak said, because they«re older and smaller than larger suns. The SETI ghetto-blaster telescopes are tuning in to increased areas with more perception than in the defunct, he added. There is a lot of substantiation that at one in days of yore Mars had rivers, and lakes, and probably even an loads. NASA»s upcoming pronouncement about Mars may have to do with why the Red Planet currently has such a shrunken mood, he postulated.

In the latter half, numerologist Glynis McCants complete the numerology of Obama, Putin, and the crop of presidential hopefuls. She also spoke about the concern of the «numerology blueprint» in which three numbers are derived from a person«s name. In particular, the first vowel in a person»s first name yields certain meanings, she said. For in the event, those with «E» (5) as in the name George, have an temerarious spirit; «A» (1) as in Have An Create, see to to be unfettered and competitive; «I» (9) as in Rita, often have old relatives issues; «O» (6) as in John, see to to be nurturing; «U» (3) as in Julia, are consistent communicators and have a famous substance of humor; and «Y» (7) as in Clyde, see to to be puzzling, she outlined.

Regarding the numerology of the presidential candidates, Donald Trump, while in a intimate year round of «1» which is about triumphant, will probably not be the appointee, said McCants, adding that Marco Rubio, a «6» lifepath, looks favourable to be on the ticket, god willing as the VP. She had commendable things to say about the coming year, 2016, a «9» year, which will likely be a more explicit and lighter round than 2015 and 2014.

Expos separate guests: Jerome Corsi, Catherine Austin Fitts

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