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Lee Aaron

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Lee Aaron

Upbringing information

Descent name Karen Lynn Greening

Born July 21, 1962 (age 46) in Belleville, Ontario, Canada


Glam metal, harsh wobble, jazz

Lined Up Under Of Work(s) Soloist, songwriter, musician

Years influential 1980–present


Precise Productions

Associated acts 2preciious

Lee Aaron Project

Website http://www.leeaaron.com/

Lee Aaron (born Karen Lynn Greening on July 21, 1962, in Belleville, Ontario) is a Canadian wobble and jazz soloist. She had several hits with titles such as «Metal Queen», «Whatcha Do to My Body», and «Sex with Love». According to her bona fide website, and despite rumours to the hostile, Lee will extend to put up selections from her exceedingly catalogue as well as doing «jazz-only» shows on occasion.


Recruit of the Wild

Released 1985 (Attic Records Ltd./ Roadrunner Productions B.V.)

Catalognumber: RR 9780


1. Wobble Me All Over

2. Runnin' From The Fire

3. Champion

4. Not Quite Holdin' On

5. Burnin' Love

6. Lined Up Under Of Fire

7. Beat Out 'Em Up

8. Paradise

9. Iniquitous Game

10. Liable To Be Zone

11. Hot To Be Rocked


Produced: Paul Gross

Produced: Bob Ezrin # 4 / # 16

Engineered: Lenny Derose/Mick Walsh

Mongrel: Lenny Derose

Additional Credits:

Hugh Syme: Design

Dimo Safari: Photography

Alternate Deliverance:

1987 10 Records 46 (UK)

1988 Attic Records 1212 -CD Deliverance-


Recorded @ Look One Studios, Toronto


12. Wobble Me All Over (Unique Mix)

13. Lined Up Under Of Ardency (Unique Mix)

14. Iniquitous Dissimulate (Unique Mix)

15. Liable To Be Province (Unique Mix)

16. Recruit Of The Unpopulated (Album Out-take)

Tracks 12 through 14 taken from ‘Rock Me All Over’ 12” fasten on 1985 (RR 125495)

Produced by Paul Revolting, Boss Grower: Bob Ezrin

Tracks 15/16 taken from ‘Barely Holdin’ On’ 12” fasten on 1985 (RR 125488)

Produced by Paul Revolting, Boss Grower: Bob Ezrin


Chris Brockway Bass [Journey]

John Albani Guitar, Endorsement Vocals

Kim Dog Drums [Journey]

Lee Aaron Lead/Backing Vocals

Simon Brierley Guitar

Additional Players:

Spyder Sinnaeve Bass

Jerry Mercer Drums

Chris Brockway Endorsement Vocals

Walter Zwol Endorsement Vocals

Dick Wagner Endorsement Vocals

Bob Ezrin Keyboards, Percussion

Notes on this deliverance:

New vinyltransfer using the unique first (Dutch) profound.

Eminence of distance is near pristine.

Shift done in 24bit/96khz purposefulness using the following:

— Sansui XR Q9 quartz controlled servo express suggest turntable (renewed wiring (Audio technica/ Siltech) with a Denon D160 exciting loop cartridge

— Denon PMA — 915 XR (mosfet) amplifier

— Goldplated WBT connectors > Audio Technica/Monster HQ cables

— AKG K141 Studio Proctor — Headphones

— Totem «Mite» handmade speakercabinets mohagony lined (in as well outside) (sincere, realistically sounding and reliable as a wobble). [www.totemacoustic.com]

— iMac Pro G3 750 (Macintosh OS X 10.2.8) — no essential remembrance used, dedicated drives, dedicated remembrance set on the programs used.

— Report Studio Pro 2.2.4 by Felttip (for capture/resampling)

— CuBase 5.1 VST 32 by Steinberg (not used on this deliverance)

— ProTools Series by DigiDesign (not used on this deliverance)

— iZotope RX Advanced (for pop/hum killing – only manually and only on spots where it was truly necessary, SRC and MBit dithering)

— Foobar 2000 (for FLAC start)

— Azureus (for ehh, well you guessed it!)

2009 - Hipper than Chaos Records * Eddy_litE appears politeness of himself * You have been Aped


• 1 Background

• 2 Discography

• 3 Musicians

• 4 Extraneous links

• 5 References


Lee Aaron began singing in approach musicals at the age of five.[1] She was discovered singing in a music staging when she was fifteen years old, and was asked to conterminous with a limited wobble called «Lee Aaron» while still in euphoric approach in Brampton Ontario.[1] Aaron sang, played alto saxophone and keyboards in this first incarnation of the conterminous with.[1]

At age seventeen, Aaron«s lineaments was cruelly bruised and her nose enfeebled when she was in a car disaster.[1] No surgery was required, but years later, in a turn to advantage on Aaron, Canadian Musician Journal mistakenly embellished the event into Aaron requiring uncut facial reconstruction.[2][3] The journal printed a retraction in the following month»s subject.[4]

That same year, she signed with her first overseer, Bob Connolly.[1] Aaron was removed from playing any instruments and pulled centrestage to fa the conterminous with. Connolly speedily fired her euphoric approach conterminous with, hired mistress musicians and began moulding the childlike Aaron into a pin-up girl.

Aaron«s 1982 album The Lee Aaron Plan on Audaciousness Records (later reissued on Attic) featured a who»s who of the Toronto music event, with members of Moxy, Santers and Triumph«s Rik Emmett.[1] The album, available in England only as an betoken, created a groundswell of good that resulted in Aaron»s semblance that year at the eminent Reading Anniversary.[1]

In a new 1982 publicity tour de force orchestrated by Connolly, Aaron flew to New York and posed topless for the men«s journal OUI.[1][3][5][6] Connolly assured Aaron and her kinfolk that the stem would be «classy», like Nastassja Kinski»s fresh graphic with Richard Avedon, and that Aaron would get definitive approbation over the photographs, none of which happened.[1] The Hike 1983 subject featured Aaron on the insure and in an disconcerting appraisal where the naïve artist appears blindsided by the sexually vexatious questions. While Aaron defended the conclusiveness initially, the tour de force for the time being damaged her lilting credibility and she to a great extent regretted the conclusiveness later on.[7]

1984's recording of the album Metal Empress resulted in a multi-album mete out with Attic Records and catapulted Aaron to icon pre-eminence in the harsh wobble in seventh heaven.[1] During the recording of Metal Empress, guitarist John Albani joined the conterminous with and he and Aaron formed a uniform songwriting partnership that would last eleven years. Aaron walked out on her government mete out with Connolly the following year.

Between 1984 and 1992, Aaron toured almost non-break off, including over twenty European tours and appearances in Japan and the US. She released six albums on Attic Records in Canada, as well as supranational releases in the UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, The Benelux, Italy, Scandinavia, Australia and Japan. She has won three Toronto Music Awards for Best Female Soloist, eight Juno nominations,[8] and topped dozens of European music polls.

Her greatest celebrity came with the deliverance of Bodyrock in 1989. The album spawned several hit songs, including «Whatcha Do to My Body», and went twice platinum in Canada alone.[1][9]

In 1992, Aaron heraldry sinister Attic Records to start her own recruit, Hip Stylish Music,[1] and released two more albums. On 1994«s Hysterical Pour (distributed by A & M Canada) Aaron worked with Don Unexpectedly and Don Binns (Sons of Audaciousness), Reeves Gabrels (David Bowie»s Tin Tool), and Knox Chandler (The Psychedelic Furs).[1]

1995's 2preciious was a plan distance written with members of Sons of Audaciousness. It was critically acclaimed but commercially unavailing,[1] as she tried to leave the name «Lee Aaron» entirely and use her bona fide name, Karen.

In 1997, she began exploring jazz and blues, her first attraction.[1] In 2000 she released Glib Chick, again on her own imprint, Barking Dog Music (with circulation by Fusion 3). Aaron played extensively for this deliverance, showcasing at The Top of the Senator in Toronto and numerous jazz festivals across Canada and Europe.

In 2002, Aaron was approached to audition with the Brand-New Baroque Opera House. She was fling and appeared that year in an ALCAN Performing Arts Presentation-victorious staging called 101 Songs for the Marquis De Sade.[1]

Her eleventh album, Attractive Things, a pop-jazz mongrel, was released in 2004. Aaron and John Cody have two children: Angella,[10] born June 7, 2004 and Jett,[10] born January 7, 2006.

Lee Aaron continues to skylarking both wobble and selected jazz shows.[11]


• The Lee Aaron Plan (1982) Freedom

• Metal Empress (1984) Attic

• Recruit of the Unpopulated (1985) Attic

• Lee Aaron (1987) Attic

• Bodyrock (1989) Attic

• Some Girls Do (1991) Attic

• Powerline – The Best Of Lee Aaron (1992) Attic

• Hysterical Pour (1994) Hip Chic

• 2preciious (1996) Spastic Plastic

• Glib Chick (2000) Barking Dog

• Attractive Things (2004) Precise Productions

Albums from 1984 through 1992 have been re-issued on CD by Unidisc Music Inc.

Hysterical Pour is available through Uniform Gold Records.

Glib Chick and Attractive Things can be obtained through many online websites, most remarkably her own, LeeAaron.com


There have been several incarnations of the Lee Aaron Conterminous With. Many of her musicians played in the touring conterminous with, but not on her albums, and defect versa. The following is a unfair roster of some of the musicians who have appeared on Lee Aaron's albums.

• Candid Bartoletti (guitar) – from SCAR PUPPET

• Dave Aplin (guitar) – from Wrabit

• Gene Doughty (bass)

• Rik Emmett (guitar) – from Triumph

• Folding Money Ford (drums) – from Moxy

• Rick Santers (guitar) – from Santers

• Rick Lazaroff (bass) – from Santers

• Dignity Santers (drums) – from Santers

• Murmur Shearman (vocals) – from Moxy

• Earl Johnson (guitar) – from Moxy

• Candid Soda (guitar) – from Candid Soda Band

• Glen Gratto (drums) – from Candid Soda Band

• Peter Crolly (bass) – from Candid Soda Band

• John Albani (guitar) – from Wrabit

• Chaz Coats-Massacre (bass, upbringing vocals) – from Forgotten Rebels and Concealed Man

• George Bernhardt (guitar)

• Jack Meli (bass)

• On Heat Infuso (drums) – from Cinema Face

• Gary McCracken (drums) – from Max Webster

• Chris Brockway (bass) – from Wrabit and Cinema Face

• Spider Sinnaeve (bass) – from Streetheart and Red Rider

• Simon Brierley (guitar)

• Jerry Mercer (drums) – from April Wine and Mashmakhan

• Walter Zwol (upbringing vocals)

• Dick Wagner (upbringing vocals)

• Bob Ezrin (keyboards, percussion) – Producer/Engineer for Alice Cooper, Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel and Kiss

• On Heat Cooke (percussion)

• Jimi «G» Gelcer (keyboards, vocals)

• David Roberts (upbringing vocals)

• Scott Humphrey (bass and drum programming)

• Matthew Gerrard (bass) – (has gone on to create hit songs for Kelly Clarkson and Hilary Useless)

• Phil Naro (upbringing vocals) – from Talas

• Rob Laidlaw (bass)

• Andy Curran (upbringing vocals) – from Coney Hatch

• Brian Allen (upbringing vocals) – from Toronto

• Harold Hess (upbringing vocals) – from Harem Scarem

• Lou Pomanti (periodical) – from Blood, Anxiety & Tears

• Bruce Dies (guitar) – from Winter Rose, a conterminous with best known for featuring James LaBrie pre-Flight Of Fancy Theater

Extraneous links

• The Bona Fide Lee Aaron Web Site

• Bio at CanadianBands.com CanConRox entry

• JAM! Music — Pop Encyclopedia

• AmIannoying.com Profile

• Recorded Recommendation Appraisal with Lee Aaron

• The Canadian Encyclopedia: Lee Aaron


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