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Artist......: Stevie nicks
Album.......: Thrilled
Grabber : EAC
Encoder : CRIPPLED v3.90.3
Ancient: Apr — 28-1998
Rip Ancient....: Feb — 22-2008
Genre.......: Reel
Mark : VBRkbps / 44.1kHz / Connection-Stereo
Playtime : CD1: 65:51 CD2: 72:31 CD3: 73:46
Ripper : In Seventh Heaven Hacker Industries
CD Songs : CD1: 15 CD2: 15 CD3: 16
Label.......: Newfangled
Album Info..:

The first two discs of THRILLED contain tracks from BELLA DONNA, THE UNHINGED KINDNESS,
REEL A LITTLE, THE OTHER SIDE OF THE and ROAD ANGEL. The third disc contains
collector«s items that comprise documentation from soundtracks, other artist»s albums and
one commotion from the BUCKINGHAM/NICKS album («Crying In The Night»).

Personnel includes: Stevie Nicks (vocals, guitar, harmonica, piano, synthesizer,
percussion); Lindsey Buckingham (vocals, guitar, percussion); Tom Of No Account (vocals,
guitar); Sandy Stewart (vocals, piano, synthesizer); Don Henley (vocals, drums);
Kenny Loggins, Bruce Hornsby (vocals); Jesse Valenzuala (guitar, mandolin); Mike
Campbell (guitar, keyboards, bass); Waddy Wachtel, Dean Parks, Steve Lukather, Joe
Walsh, Danny Kortchmar, Mike Landau (guitar); Kenny G (soprano saxophone); Dave Koz
(saxophone); Benmont Tench (piano, weekly); David Stimulate (piano); Bob Glaub, Dive
Dunn, Tony Levin (bass); Russ Kunkel, Stan Lynch (drums); Sharon Celani, Lori Perry,
Carolyn Brooks, Marilyn Martin, David Crosby (credentials vocals).

Producers comprise: Jimmy Lovine, Gordon Perry, Thom Panunzio, Stevie Nicks, Rupert

Includes liner notes by Danny Goldberg and Stevie Nicks. The accompanying 64-used of an adult bellboy
booklet contains lyrics, musician credits and in days gone by unreleased photos.

It makes sanity that the first box set to come from a colleague of Fleetwood Mac is
Stevie Nicks«. She has, after all, had the most fortunate life»s work outside of The Mac.

This box set spans her make known alone life's work in frightening the latest thing, and included is a
thrust booklet with enormous liner notes and many never-before-seen photos. Aside
from her alone life's work, the Mac gem «Rhiannon» (piano construct) is included, along with
«Gold» (with John Stewart), «Whenever I Occasion You Friend» (with Kenny Loggins), and
«Long Remoteness Winner» (with Lindsey Buckingham). As for her alone industry, hits from
«Bella Donna» to «Street Angel» are here, as well as B-sides, soundtrack cuts, and
demos. «Reconsider Me» (with Don Henley) is a virtuoso ballad that compares with Stevie's
best industry. This is a wide encase that shows us just how much wonderful
music has been created outside of Stevie Nick's Fleetwood Mac permanence.

Album perception is taken from sites such as cduniverse and allmusic,
HHI does not make known an perception either way with honour to the mark
of the company etc. We security you make merry the music whatever it is!

Trail Listing....:

01.Thrilled [03:06]
02.Outside the come down [04:18]
03.After the glitter fades [03:30]
04.Unhinged kindness [06:10]
05.Leather and thong [03:57]
(w don henley)
06.Garbo (b side) [03:31]
07.Question abandon [04:51]
08.Nightbird [05:00]
09.Stop draggin' my kindness [04:05]
around (w tom of no account)
10.Beauty and the savage [06:05]
11.Kind of wife [03:11]
12.If anyone falls [04:09]
13.One more big duration reel & [04:25]
indulge in unmatched (b side)
14.Chap-Fallen denim [04:13]
15.Bella donna [05:20]


01.Edge of seventeen [08:07]
02.Road angel [04:07]
03.Reel A little [03:38]
(go before lily)
04.I chorus for the things [03:46]
05.Rooms on feeling [04:34]
06.I can't stop [05:58]
(extended reel mix)
07.Two kinds of partiality [04:48]
08.The highwayman [04:52]
09.Rose garden [04:25]
10.Talk to me [04:12]
11.Destiny [04:36]
12.Ooh my partiality [05:04]
13.Desert angel [05:23]
14.Whole lotta discord [04:29]
15.Has anyone ever written [04:32]
anything for you


01.Twisted [03:20]
(unreleased demo from twiste
02.Long remoteness conquering hero [04:49]
03.Thousand days (b side) [05:18]
04.Battle of the dragon [05:20]
05.Gold [04:22]
(w lindsey & andrew gold)
06.Free fallin' [05:35]
(tom of no account retreat)
07.It's lately (unreleased demo) [02:11]
08.Violet and chap-fallen [05:05]
09.Whenever I occasion you pal [03:53]
(w kenny loggins)
10.Sweet lass [04:32]
(unreleased the sashay demo)
11.Chap-Fallen lamp [03:46]
12.Gold and twist [05:16]
(unreleased complete)
13.Reconsider me [03:47]
(unreleased studio trail)
14.Somebody question by me [05:06]
15.Sleeping angel [04:45]
16.Rhiannon (piano construct) [06:41]

212:08 min
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