Steve Hockensmith - The Slit in the Lens - Unb

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Steve Hockensmith — The Fracture in the Lens — Unb
Infer From by: William Dufris
Runtime: 10 Hours and 8 Minutes

Publisher's Pr

In 1893, Otto «Big Red» Amlingmeyer and his sibling, Gustav «Old Red,» determine to be themselves in a condition that they never expected: they have a bit of filthy rich and while to do something other than mingle. It's enough to confound even that most unconfoundable of men, their joint energy, Sherlock Holmes.

So Old Red decides that it«s while for the two of them to noodle off to the Texas hill surroundings, to San Marcos, and act with the greatest adversity of Old Red»s time. Five years ago, when Old Red was a cowpoke in San Marcos, he had a admirer---a fallen missus at the neighbouring house of ill repute of ill repute. They had made plans, but before they made their big stratagem, his fiancee was murdered and the cause was swept under the rug by the neighbouring authorities. Now Old Red is predetermined to determine to be out what really happened and to in fine determine to be a about a meet of fair-mindedness for his precious.

But Big Red and Old Red determine to be themselves fa a collapse of damp and in some of the worst situations of their lives: ensnared in a rumpus at the neighbouring cathouse, on the out of order end of a lynching cocktail, and, perhaps worst of all, having to do the one element you never want to do in the form of Texas: nick horses.

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