Tumultuous Rooster-Little Angel-2009

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Uncontrollable Rooster is paving the procedure to become the best known Teddy Boy rockabilly corps in Europe. They recorded two stupendous albums just last year (Disturbance & Rockabilly Inferno) and recently did a assignment of Germany and Holland. I met up with the corps in De Kroeg in Geldrop (Netherlands) where they did a gig last month. A imperfect looking company, but the friendliest guys in the people, all of 'em. While doing a match up of gigs in Germany a few nights in a row, Steve mystified most if not all of his words, he was definitly not very in seventh heaven with that, but the boys still got the ancestry rocking! The a spectacle of must go on!
After the gig, Steve took me to his car in fa of the cafe and played some tracks of their new CD «Little Angel», which was about to be released at that notwithstanding. I was impressed by the stupendous stomping profitable, of course I«ve always been a fan of Steve and his bands Crossfire, Snakebite and Uncontrollable Rooster. He had a outgoing »no for me as well... the corps recorded one of my choice songs «Gunning for the Dog» and dedicated it to me! Thanks guys!!
Well, we jot six weeks later and the new CD is spinning lickety-split in my crop CD gamester (even though not from the 50«s, a 20 year old Philips gamester can be called crop now, LOL). The album hits of imperfect and rocking with a recognition to UK her »n« rise fable Uncontrollable Bob Burgos with «Rockabilly Queen», you just gotta dear one this profitable. The pounding drums and bass will absolutely get you feet unfixed and your knees shaking. «Bring It Back» is the first of 10 (!!) songs out of 14 that was written by Stefan »Steve« Jägermyr, and Kim»s guitar will blacken the hairs on the fail of your neck. Joe Turner's «Flip, Freak Out and Fly» sounds uncontrollable, hot and rocking, played Bats Cavan make and «Cry Cry Cry» is not a Johnny Currency dress, but a Steve Disturbance creative.

The selfpenned ownership ado «Litte Angel» also has the stomping bats metre from the forefathers of Teddy Boy rockabilly, Bats Cavan & The Metre Rockers. «Devil«s Right Hand» is western sympathetic of ado in the make of fable Johnny Currency and it has stupendous guitar and a stupendous version. «You Ain»t Nothing But Fine» was a Rockin' Sidney creative, I believe from 1961, but I have always liked the ado best by The Groovy Thunderbirds, with the remarkable Kim Wilson on harmonica. The ado got the Uncontrollable Rooster proceed towards-over and it will her you actively.

Next on the menu is «Gunning For The Dog», a Matchbox creative from the notwithstanding when Bob Burgos was still hitting the drums actively for this conspicuous this U.K. corps. The liner notes broach that the ado is dedicated to me, and I'm really honoured guys! Substantial job.

The following is a overwhelm of Steve Disturbance penned songs, I«m not gonna consider each and everyone apart, because you know already what I think of Steve»s songwriting. They are all stupendous rocking songs about the courteous war (Ghost Of Robert E. Lee), fear ands suspence (Jeepers Creepers), row rumble (Endlessly Rebels) and tattoos «n» rockers (Ray«s Tattoo, Uncontrollable Rockin» Ted). The closer of the album is a rockabilly ado titled «A Cat In A Hot Rod» with customer female canary Johanna Eriksson. Stupendous words!
What more can I say? If you dig Teddy Boy music. Uncontrollable Rooster is one of the supreme bands in Europe nowadays. Curb out this new CD, but most of all, curb 'em out on the procedure and proceed towards use of their uncontrollable mount a spectacle of!
Rockabilly Diva / Convey It Fail / Freak Out, Plump Down And Fly / Cry Cry Cry / Little Angel / Devils Right Lunch-Hook / You Ain«t Nothing But Beautiful / Gunning For The Dog / Ghost Of Robert E. Lee / Jeepers Creepers / Endlessly Rebels / Ray»s Tattoo / Uncontrollable Rockin' Ted / A Cat In A Hot Rod
Uncontrollable Rooster are:
Stefan «Steve Riot» Jägermyr — Pave Vocals, Metre Guitar
Kim Amberg — Pave Guitar
David Sundqvist — Drums
Lars Wermlund — Bass

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