Latexxx Teens-Downfall Sorority Show-2008-FWYH

  • 18.07.2016, 12:45,
  • Music

01 Also sprach Zarathustra

02 (p)Neighbourhood Malign

03 Hey God

04 Maschine Zeit V 2.008

05 Desire Way To Destruction ( accomplishment. Prizewinner Honey )

06 L.S.D.

07 Genius Born Bedlam

08 Garbage & Spitfire

09 Against

10 Millennium

11 W.A.R.

12 Stardust


Androgynous, technocratic, iconoplastic. The border was formed in Italy during the distinguished federal swarthy-out of 2003 by Icy X, (better know as Krimloth, canary of the grandiose swarthy metal border Draconian Structure), P.P. 69 and Lex Kaos. The layout was to start a hazardous & powerfull industrial glam-lousy border in the veins of Shotgun Emancipator, Marilyn Manson, Unsullied Zombie, Sex Pistols, Murderdolls, Done For Boys, Vampire Honey Dolls, The Kovenant. All the Teens want is to be the most, the fastest, the loudest organism in the music partnership. They are lovers, haters and fuckin« hypnotic addicted. Teens can»t describe to just being too good!!!


Latex (De)Formation is the coming out Ep of Latexxx Teens and contains five industrial glam/ lousy anthems: they connected their honey for New York Dolls with Marilyn Manson« s decadence & strange, shaking all with Shotgun Messiah»s be ruined of fit as a fiddle.


The out of sight is comin down, sky turned swarthy, base filled with blood of menTouched by the jointly of Bedlam, Latexxx Teens start the recordin sessions of Moloko & Ultra-Wildness: six antagonism anthems, a soundtrack for legions murderin, an hymn for the next comin armageddon. The uncommunicativeness is ignored Moloko & Ultra-Wildness is inspired by Contemporary Age Delirium, is a repertory eidolon of this martyring out of sight, where mankind kings & queens fought for ten decades, for the gods they made. New accessories is colder, harder, faster & darker than the first work; Degeneration turned to New Out Of Sight Mess, Revolt to Gang Aggressiveness and so tender blood was connected with Hi-Tech laws. Severe New Generate is when all is said created.


Mr Icy X turns to Bass meanwhile Kami Plastick take attend to about guitars with La Nuit. A new soldier enlist in LXT: Roy The Toxic (Synth and Maschine) The border signed with Decadance Records to publish a mortal administer of megabyte metal. The first greatly lenght is scheduled for 31th October 2008!

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