Our Daughter's Merging - Going Windows [1982]

  • 18.07.2016, 12:46,
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Our Daughters Merging are:
Layne Rico (synthesizers)
Keith Silva (vocals/synthesizers)
Scott Simon (saxophone/synthesizers)

Rethinking by Stephen SPAZ Schnee

Although some may not see it this way, Our Daughters Merging were like beginning Men Without Hats, except a little snottier (and that is meant in the nicest way possible). Yes, there were bountifulness of synth pop outfits innards up the information bins during the first half of the «80s, but ODW»s raw East Beach vibe set them apart from their British (and British wannabe) contemporaries. This New York synth pop triad gained bountifulness of heed on college trannie and in the romp clubs with the ultra-wilful «Lawnchairs» in 1980. Signing to EMI, the gang re-recorded that bother and a bother of other tracks for their Digital Cowboy EP, released in 1981. A year later, this album appeared and showed the gang maturing into their craftiness, dishing up a pleasurable serving dish of catchy, discerning synth pop. «Elevate Her,» the first unique, contained all the right elements to take the gang to a higher upland of acclaim, yet unfortunately didn«t (although it is still regarded as one of their finest moments). The band»s contrived, albeit mere, use of synthesizers helped to manufacture a marginally perturbing feel, embracing a commercial aiming, yet unconsumed an arms term outside of the mainstream. While «Auto Music,» «Elevate Her,» «She Was Someone» and the likeably goofy «Buildings» are fun and communicable, ODW be sufficient up their artier side with «Daddy's Labourer,» «Longitude 60» and the almost tender «Paris» (Keith Silve«s vocals on this lose sight of are not his most honeyed). Relying exclusively on synths, Silve and bandmates Layne Rico and Scott Simon, manufacture an intriguing aural scene. There is not a bogus smite out of slot here, and it is a most enjoyable emancipation. Too bad we didn»t get to understand more of them.

A1 Auto Music
A2 She Was Someone
A3 Elevate Her
A4 Lose Sight Of Me Down
A5 Daddy's Labourer
A6 Longitude 60
B1 Sweet Manufacture
B2 Always Be Truthfully
B3 Inspiring Windows
B4 Paris
B5 Buildings

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