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Albums, Years & Catalog # in this Rush:

The Ghosts That Gathering-Livelihood Me 1991 ARCD — 8677 *
God Shuffled His Feet 1993 74321-16531-2 *
A Worm's Living 1996 74321-39779-2 *
Betray Yourself A Deliver 1999 74321-63822-2 *
I Don«t Regard That You Don»t Sense 2001 80291-16801-2 *
All The Way 2002 HUN10003 *
Puss «n» Boots 2003 10004 *
Songs Of The Unforgiven 2004 80291100052 *
Ohhh La La! 2010 Arcane Fried Records — no Catalog *
Best Of The Explosion Analysis Dummies 2007 886971523621 *
Afternoons & Coffeespoons 1994 unique (not my rip)

* Denotes My Rip

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From Wiki:

The Explosion Analysis Dummies is a Canadian population rock/alternative wobble bandeau from Winnipeg, Manitoba, extensively known for their 1993 unique «Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm».

The bandeau is most identifiable through Brad Roberts (vocals, guitar) and his individual bass-baritone chance. During its heyday, the bandeau consisted of Roberts, Ellen Reid (co-vocals, keyboards), Brad's sibling Dan Roberts (bass guitar), Benjamin Darvill (harmonica, mandolin), and Mitch Dorge (drums, percussion). Today, only Brad Roberts and Ellen Reid have appeared on every album with the other members being ornate pursuing their own projects. However, the fully bandeau (minus Ben Darvill) reunited for a be conspicuous in October 2010.[1]. Brad Roberts, Ellen Reid and Stuart Cameron have continued to ramble throughout 2010/2011.

In many ways, the launching of the Explosion Analysis Dummies is tied to the report of two Winnipeg nightspots, the Spectrum Entertainment and the Depressed Note Cafe, owned by Curtis Riddell.

In the mid — 1980s, Riddell joined with Brad Roberts to anatomy the decidedly less-than-serious bar bandeau Bad Brad Roberts and the St. James Cadency Pigs. Over stretch, the bandeau evolved into the Explosion Analysis Dummies, a name suggested by a beau of the bandeau who was in medical view. The diagnostic mannequin, known colloquially as a explosion analysis dim-wit, was known to the non-exclusive already by this stretch. Ellen Reid and Benjamin Darvill became durable additions. George West, the source bass trouper, stop and was replaced by Dan Roberts, Brad's sibling. Riddell was replaced by Vince Lambert, who was fired and replaced by Mitch Dorge just before the saving of The Ghosts that Gathering-Livelihood Me.

After signing with BMG Records, the bandeau signed with director Jeff Rogers (Swell).[2]

The bandeau first began to complete commercial achievement in Canada with the saving of The Ghosts that Gathering-Livelihood Me in 1991. The album ultimately reached sales of 400,000 in Canada, to a great extent due to the awe-inspiring reputation of the hit unique «Superman's Song», which earned the bandeau the 1991 Juno Confer for Unit of the Year.

The bandeau did not net much intercontinental attention until the 1993 saving of their second album, God Shuffled His Feet. Particularly accessory in increasing the band's unveiling in the American vend was the suggestion of a new classification of disseminate composition, matured album-oriented surrogate wobble (AAA). These stations put the first unique «Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm» in dear rotation and the flap peaked at #4 in the US Hot 100. «Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm» did even better in the Cooperative Field, where it was a #2 hit, and Australia where it peaked at #1.

In their citizen Canada, «Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm» was a comparative let-down on the charts, only peaking at #14. Two other songs from the album went top 10 in Canada: «Swimming In Your Ocean» and «Afternoons & Coffeespoons». This latter flap was also a top 40 hit in Australia and the Cooperative Field and hit the quieten deal out of the US Hot 100. The conclusion was that by mid — 1994 the album had passed the platinum sales attribute (one million) in the Cooperative States and had also earned the bandeau three Grammy nominations and three more Juno nominations. To tryst, God Shuffled His Feet has sold more than five and a half million copies worldwide.

In January 1995, the bandeau released «The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead» (a screen of XTC's 1992 follow) as a unique and on the soundtrack of the Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels comedy Mum and Dumber. The unique, credited to The Explosion Analysis Dummies and Ellen Reid, charted at No. 30 in the UK singles map out and was a #4 hit in Canada.

In 1996, the Dummies« third album, A Worm»s Living, was released to opposing decisive and steady commercial achievement. The guitar-arcane singles were energetically received in some markets (while away unique «He Liked To Ambience It» hit #2 in Canada), but internationally nothing matched the absconder achievement of either «Superman's Song» or «Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm». Still, the album went platinum in Canada in less than one month.

Betray Yourself A Deliver, the Dummies' fourth album, was released Walk 23, 1999. The album showcased a new politic for the Dummies, as it featured Ellen Reid singing while away vocals on three tracks, and Brad Roberts singing in a falsetto on several others. The whole politic of the album was much more electronic than the preceding recordings. Once again, the while away unique («Keep A Lid On Things») was a top 10 hit in Canada.

During a hiatus between albums, Benjamin Darvill became the first Dim-Wit to saving individual physical. Under the name Son Of Dave, Darvill first brought out the album B. Darvill«s Brutish West Be Conspicuous, followed with 01, both released on Benjamin»s own appellation, Dry Records.[2]

The less-than-astral commercial achievement of both A Worm's Living and Betray Yourself a Deliver resulted in the bandeau premonition much more restricted by their appellation BMG, especially after the appellation rejected 35 songs during the drama of Betray Yourself a Deliver. As a conclusion, the bandeau and the appellation parted ways, and Brad Roberts formed his own affluent appellation «Cha-Ching Records» (later renamed to «Deep Fried Records»).[3]

Direct from dominating-appellation restrictions, the Dummies surprised their fans in 2001 by putting their individual projects on put off for a fifth studio album and ramble. After affliction a near-cataclysmic car mishap in the downfall of 2000, Brad rest himself recuperating in the metropolis of Argyle, Nova Scotia. It was there that he met some limited «lobster fishermen» who happened to be quite musically bending — Kent Greene, Dave Morton, and Danny MacKenzie. Together, they recorded the enlargement of I Don«t Regard That You Don»t Sense, which was to have been Brad«s first individual album. Later on, Ellen was brought in to best performance succour vocals for a few tunes, and Dan agreed to ramble with Brad. When Ellen and Mitch agreed to ramble as well, the Explosion Analysis Dummies name was put on the best performance. This album saw the Dummies returning to their acoustic roots. Brad compared this album to the Dummies» first, The Ghosts That Gathering-Livelihood Me, though he calls it more atmospheric and polished.

Near the end of 2001, some new Dummies individual albums were released. First, Ellen Reid launched her introduction individual essay, Cinderellen. Soon after, Brad Roberts« wish-awaited treacherous-dynamic CD and rockumentary entitled Explosion Analysis Chap were made available through MapleMusic. 2002 opened with the shock of Mitch Dorge»s introduction album, As Trees Walking. On the CD, Mitch played almost all of the instruments, took some of the photos for the liner notes, and won a Prairie Music Confer for Best Accessory Recording.

Brad, Dan, and Ellen returned as Explosion Analysis Dummies at the end of 2002 with All the Way, a wish-rumoured Christmas album.

In 2003, Puss «n» Boots was released. Much like I Don't Regard, the album began living as a Brad Roberts individual programme. Co-written by Stuart Cameron, 13 songs were selected from a syndicate of 30. Ellen sang succour vocals and Dan played bass, though much of the music — funky grooves that would not have seemed out of livelihood on Betray Yourself A Deliver — was performed by other musicians.

Songs of the Unforgiven, the eighth studio album under the Explosion Analysis Dummies name, was recorded not wish after Puss «n» Boots.

The Ghosts That Gathering-Livelihood Me 1991

The Ghosts That Gathering-Livelihood Me is the 1991 introduction album by Explosion Analysis Dummies. It featured their hit «Superman's Song».

The artwork featured on the screen, and throughout the liner notes, is by 19th-century illustrator Gustav Doré and is from «The Rime of the Primitive Mariner» by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. The same painting would later be used for infernal metal bandeau Judas Iscariot's ultimate fully for ages c in depth, «To Adopt the Corpses Bleeding». Allmusic author Stephen Thomas Erlewine gave it 3½ out of 5 stars and called it «a magnificent introduction album by the ever-conceited, collegiate, population-pop humorists.»


1. «Winter Song» — 4:01
2. «Comin« Sponsor Soon (The Bereft Man»s Flap)» — 4:27
3. «Superman's Song» — 4:31
4. «The Power Life» — 4:02
5. «Here on Loam (I'll Have My Block)» — 3:03
6. «The Ghosts That Gathering-Livelihood Me» — 3:45
7. «Thick-Necked Man» (Benjamin Darvill) — 3:19
8. «Androgynous» (Paul Westerberg) — 2:36
9. «The Voyage» — 3:13
10. «At My Funeral» — 4:02

God Shuffled His Feet 1993

God Shuffled His Feet is the second album by the Explosion Analysis Dummies, released in 1993. It features their most commonplace unique, «Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm». The screen art superimposes the bandeau members« faces over the figures of Titian»s painting Bacchus and Ariadne. It was their most commonplace album commercially, charting at #9 in the U.S. charts, as well as #2 in the UK charts.

The album was the band«s biggest mainstream hit. Allmusic author Stephen Thomas Erlewine, who gave it 4½ out of 5 stars, attributes the album»s achievement to «Jerry Harrison's remarkably understandably and focused production» and that «apart from the relatively cogent pop smarts of the singles »Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm« and »Afternoons and Coffeespoons," God Shuffled His Feet isn«t all that different from the band»s first album.

God Shuffled His Feet was a tally-one album in Austria and New Zealand, and also reached the top five in the inhabitant albums charts of numerous countries such as Australia, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland. In supplement, the album reached tally six in the Netherlands inhabitant albums map out,[2] and tally nine in the Cooperative States Billboard 200 albums map out.


1. «God Shuffled His Feet»

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