Tarbox Ramblers - A Fix Go East [2004][EAC,log,cue. FLAC]

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Tarbox Ramblers — A Fix Go East [2004][EAC,log,cue. FLAC]

Artist: Tarbox Ramblers
Release: A Fix Go East
Released: 2004
Label: Rounder
Catalog#: 11661-9061-2
Format: FLAC / Lossless / Log (100%) / Cue
[color=blue]Sticks: USA
Style: swamp blues,blues

1 Already Gone
2 Were You There?
3 Sticks Blues
4 A Fix Go East
5 No Ceaselessly There
6 Honey Babe
7 Fabric of Gold
8 The Shining Sun
9 From the Algiers Site
10 Last Month of the Year
11 Ashes to Ashes

Four years ago, when the Tarbox Ramblers introduced their queue sink of swamp blues, hillbilly, certainty, and ill-defined race, the North Mississippi Allstars, Negro Keys, Blazing Furnaces, or that Detroit combo unite with the merry clothes, weren«t even blips on the telly. Now they»re the contention. It«s OK, it»s a big faction, and with A Fix Go East, the Tarbox Ramblers go down into the preoccupied reaches of their frontman«s collective American Gothic , and dredge up the ghosts, the faded photographs, the myths and texts of a just the same from time to time that may never have existed in the acclaimed consciousness. This is a much wilder record; yet it»s very rawness contains starkly splendid textures that are drenched in sepia-toned images, and negro and unsullied newsreels from the centred implication of the ravaged weak kindness. The album opens with a leviathan, R.L. Burnside-styled barroom just the same from time to time clique flute. Using the riff from «Honey Hush,» and warping it all to torture, Michael Tarbox indulges his iconographic connection of georgic loneliness, backwater holiness, and steaming sex, which, closely after is dragged through a drunkenly redemptive translation of «Were You There (When They Crucified My Lord?)» where violins, exciting guitars, and echoing drums from just the same from time to time immemorial try to meet the heartache and eyeball a seek in Tarbox«s convicted present. But it»s right go to torture in the band«s caveman know of Mend Boggs» «Country Blues,» with a roiling plane guitar all objectionable and distorted, like it was profession from the devil«s playground. And this is where it all starts. From the elegiac diminution and scramble up of the interest seek out, to the backwoods two-be cautious of the American historic melody, «No Ceaselessly There,» to the strenuous gutter blues of «Honey Babe,» this is a rip and squander relationship that holds it secrets alongside, and offers its bedraggled treasures abundantly and regally -- if the parades in Robert Frank»s The Americans are your sentiment of majesty. Produced by Jim Dickinson, Paul Q. Kolderie, and Sean Slade, this is the banshee«s yelping after all the hard stuff is gone; it»s the drunken, dirty, preacher«s lament when he»s still in the whorehouse at seven a.m. on Sunday morning; a fading fast bluesman«s finishing tight spot at a faction that»s heraldry sinister him discharge and skint, and a brokenhearted cowboy's last mourn -- all rolled into one

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