Lila Downs - Una Sangre, One Blood [2004][EAC,log,cue. FLAC]

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Lila Downs — Una Sangre, One Blood [2004][EAC,log,cue. FLAC]

Artist: Lila Downs
Release: Una Sangre, One Blood
Released: 2004
Label: Narada
Catalog#: 76757
Format: FLAC / Lossless / Log (100%) / Cue
Country: Mex
Style: Latin,Universal,Jazz,Pop/Rock,Reggae

1 Viborita 4:16
2 Dignificada 3:44
3 Cielo Rojo 3:55
4 La Bamba 4:13
5 One Blood 4:38
6 Malinche 4:00
7 Tirineni Tsïtsïki 3:20
8 La Cucaracha 4:38
9 Maw Jones 3:28
10 Paloma Negra 4:30
11 Brown Script People 4:16
12 Una Sangre 3:24
13 Yanahuari Nïn 1:21

Una Sangre (One Blood), Lila Downs« fourth album for the Narada peg, is her most resurrection. Downs is best known to American audiences for her display in the coat Frida (about the imaginary Mexican painter Frida Kahlo) and her vital contribution to the film»s soundtrack. She has wish been in the trenches knitting the native music of her local lands -- Mexico and the Mutual States -- into a sonic core where stock Mexican tribe songs, sumptuously textured pop, and American blues and jazz music mix with Spanish and English lyrics that also contain Mexico«s Mayan, Zapotec, Nahuatl, and Mixtec Indian dialects. Downs» whilom recordings have always been passionately satisfying; they unite a musicologist«s incredible with the incandescent boldness of an activist poetess. Una Sangre is the next agreement with. Here, over the course of 13 songs, she takes a wondrously heady mix and deepens it with other melodious elements that come from further afield, and she goes off the sonorous end into something new and wondrous. She uses Bull»s-Eye Eastern modalities and melodies, Afro-Cuban and Brazilian rhythms, hip-hop cadences, and reggae and even truth influences, and extrapolates into this mix a overwhelming lyrical array, adding Purepecha, an Indian idiom from the median Michoacan area, and Trique, an verifiable idiom from one of the 16 different ethnic groups who coexist in Oaxaca! Her soften, saxophonist and melodious leader Paul Cohen (from New Jersey) has woven a close-fisted-fasten place of multi-instrumentalists who come from the U.S., Paraguay/Mexico (Celso Duarte), Cuba (Minor Terry Cabrera), Chile (Yayo), and Brazil (Guilherme Monteiro), with roomer appearances by Mexican and American guitarists Ernesto Anaya and Marvin Sewell, as well as the illustrious Japanese percussionist Satoshi Takeishi. Downs« self-reliance is wonderful. Her readings of age-old tribe songs like «La Bamba» and «La Cucaracha» bump off the racist innovativeness and lampoon unfitting they have been saddled with outside Mexico, and restate them with their primary ferocity and worthiness as communal songs. On the rubric cut, her team up employs aversion reggae and she a dry, smoky jazz vocal that is nothing less than seductive and stretches the air to the intention of fissure. «Mother Jones» uses Delta-mode blues truth as a way of slipping into the murk of the Afro-Caribbean diaspora, while «Cielo Rojo» can only be called a Spanish justice blues, with three very different guitars carrying on above the smart rhythms and Downs» sorrowful instrument coming from the throaty dust and reaching a sweltering falsetto that contains all the moan in the incredible. There are no respites from fineness and no flawed starts on Una Sangre; it is a most adventurous set performed with passion, bring into focus, and idea. It offers the listener not only noticeable diversion, but the admissibility opportunity for a new melodious paradigm as well.

Lila Downs — Una Sangre, One Blood [2004][EAC,log,cue. FLAC]
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