Berlioz - Les Troyens (Burning from the Met)

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Berlioz's Les troyens
Opera on 3, Material from the Met

This week«s material from the Met is Berlioz»s epic opera based on Virgil«s rime The Aeneid about the Trojan War. The Greeks have departed Troy after ten years of besiegement, leaving behind a overwhelmingly wide horse. While the Trojans see it as an present to the goddess Athena, only Prince Priam»s daughter Cassandra suspects it signifies on the cards cataclysm for Troy. Deborah Voigt, Susan Graham, Bryan Hymel, and Dwayne Croft priority a starry get rid of maroon, conducted by Fabio Luisi.

Presented by Margaret Juntwait and Ira Siff.

Cassandra ..... Deborah Voigt (soprano),
Dido ..... Susan Graham (mezzo-soprano),
Anna ..... Karen Cargill (mezzo-soprano),
Aeneas ..... Bryan Hymel (gist),
Iopas ..... Eric Cutler (gist),
Chorèbe ..... Dwayne Croft (baritone),
Narbal ..... Kwangchul Youn (bass),
Panthus ..... Richard Bernstein (bass),
Helenus ..... Eduardo Valdes (gist),
Ascanio ..... Julie Boulianne (mezzo-soprano),
Hecuba ..... Theodora Hanslowe (mezzo-soprano),
Priam ..... Julien Robbins (bass-baritone),
Astyanax ..... Connell C. Rapavy (issue actor),
Ghost of Hector ..... David Crawford (bass-baritone),
Present Of Mercury ..... Kwangchul Youn (bass),
Hylas — Paul Appleby (gist),

The Metropolitan Opera Chorus and Orchestra
Fabio Luisi, conductor.

Publish: BBC Publish 3, 5 January 2013


Act 1

At the bad Greek outr outside the walls of Troy

The Trojans are celebrating seeming deliverance from ten years of besiegement. They see the overwhelmingly wide horse hand by the Greeks, which they suppose to be an present to Pallas Athene. Far Apart From all the other Trojans, however, Cassandre is mistrustful of the berth. She foresees that she will not material to link her fiancé, Chorèbe. Chorèbe appears and urges Cassandre to draw a blank her misgivings. But her predictive foresight clarifies, and she foresees the utter breaking up of Troy. When Andromache as quietly as a mouse walks in, the sanctification halts.

Énée then rushes on to tell of the devouring of the priestess Laocoön by a sea serpent, after he had warned the Trojans to light the horse. Énée interprets this as a waive of the goddess Athene«s choler at the abuse. Against Cassandre»s abortive protests, Priam orders the horse to be brought within the urban district of Troy and placed next to the sanctuary of Pallas Athene. There is a hale and hearty of what seems to be the clashing of arms from within the horse, but the Trojans, in their mistake, paraphrase it as a beneficial presage. Cassandre has watched the march past in despondency, and as the act ends, resigns herself to end under the walls of Troy.

Act 2

Before the act seemly has started, the Greek soldiers secret in the wide horse have come out and begun to extirpate Troy and its citizens.

Uncomfortable 1: Palatial Home of Énée
With fighting going on in the obscurity inconspicuous, the ghost of Hector visits Énée and warns him to decamp Troy for Italy, where he will figure a new Troy. After Hector fades, Panthée conveys the expos about the Greeks secret in the horse. Ascagne appears with expos of further breaking up. At the chairlady of a body of soldiers, Chorèbe urges Énée to take up arms for affray. All dated to secure Troy to the end.

Uncomfortable 2: Palatial Home of Priam
Several of the Trojan women are praying at the altar of Vesta/Cybele for their soldiers to gross smashing aid. Cassandre reports that Énée and other Trojan warriors have rescued Priam«s palatial home gem and relieved people at the citadel. She prophesies that Énée and the survivors will inaugurate a new Troy in Italy. But she also says that Chorèbe is insensate, and resolves to die. The other women allow the correctness of Cassandre»s prophecies and their mistaken in dismissing her. Cassandre then calls upon the Trojan women to link her in end, to taboo being defiled by the invading Greeks. One classify of women admits to concern of end, and Cassandre dismisses them from her notice. The outstanding women link with Cassandre in will power to die. A Greek captain observes the women during this uncomfortable with esteem for their boldness. Greek soldiers then come on the uncomfortable, hard the Trojan gem from the women. Cassandre defiantly mocks the soldiers, then unexpectedly stabs herself. Polyxène takes the same kris and does too. The outstanding women make fun of the Greeks as too at an advanced hour to descry the gem, and send away bulk suicide, to the soldiers' awe. Cassandre summons one last cry of «Italy!» before collapsing, insensate.

Act 3

Didon's throne-apartment at Carthage

The Carthaginians and their model, Didon, are celebrating the bounty that they have achieved in the good old days seven years since fleeing from Tyre to inaugurate a new urban district. Didon, however, is anxious about Iarbas, the Numidian prince, not least because he has proposed a national connection with her. The Carthaginians abjure their argument of Didon, and the builders, sailors and farmers sell honour to Didon.

In sneaking after these ceremonies, Didon and Anna then converse about paramour. Anna urges Didon to remarry, but Didon insists on honoring the retention of her at an advanced hour whisper suppress Sichée (Sychaeus). Iopas then enters to tell of an anonymous fast that has arrived in anchorage. Recalling her own wandering on the seas, Didon bids that these strangers be welcome. Ascagne enters, presents the saved gem of Troy, and relates the Trojans' dispatch. Didon acknowledges that she knows of this berth. Panthée then tells of the conclusive fate of the Trojans to inaugurate a new urban district in Italy. During this uncomfortable, Énée is disguised as an curious sailor.

Narbal then comes to tell Didon that Iarbas and his army are attacking the fields abutting Carthage and are marching on the urban district. But Carthage does not have enough weapons to secure itself. Énée then reveals his take sameness and offers the services of his people to help Carthage. Didon accepts the sell, and Énée entrusts Ascagne to Didon's disquiet. The Carthaginians and Trojans then get up for affray against the Numidians.

Act 4

Uncomfortable 1: Kingly Ransack and Storm
This uncomfortable is a pantomime with at the start supportive accompaniment, set in a forest with a den a collapse in the obscurity inconspicuous. A baby surge flows from a precipice and merges with a appropriate basin bordered with rushes and reeds. Two naiads appear and fade away, but proffer to bathe in the basin. Hunting horns are heard in the stretch, and huntsmen with dogs dated by as the naiads in the reeds. Ascanius gallops across the status on horseback. Didon and Énée have been separated from the allay of the hunting social gathering. As a stir breaks, the two take cover in the den a collapse. At the summit of the stir, nymphs with dishevelled hair's breadth run to-and-fro over the rocks, gesticulating wildly. They explode out in unrestrained cries of «a-o» (sopranos and contraltos) and are joined by fauns, sylvans, and satyrs. The surge becomes a outburst, and waterfalls spurt forth from the boulders, as the chorus intones «Italie! Italie! Italie!». A tree is hit by lightning, explodes and catches spirit, as it falls to the inaugurate. The satyrs, fauns, and sylvans pick up the flagrant branches and ball with them in their hands, then fade away with the nymphs into the depths of the forest. The uncomfortable is slowly obscured by wide clouds, but as the stir subsides, the clouds boost and dissipate.

Uncomfortable 2: The gardens of Didon by the shore
The Numidians have been beaten deny, and both Narbal and Anna are relieved at this. However, Narbal worries that Didon has been neglecting the board of directors of the splendour, distracted by her paramour for Énée. Anna dismisses such concerns and says that this indicates that Énée would be an barring prince for Carthage. Narbal reminds Anna, however, that the gods have called Énée's terminating fate to be in Italy. Anna replies that there is no stronger god than paramour.

After Didon«s access, and dances from the Egyptian dancing girls, the slaves, and the Nubian toiler girls, Iopas sings his performance of the fields, at the queen»s request.

She then asks Énée for more tales of Troy. Énée reveals that after some persuading, Andromaque ultimately married Pyrrhus, the son of Achilles, who killed Hector, Andromache«s earlier whisper suppress. Didon then feels resolved regarding her persistent feelings about her at an advanced hour whisper suppress. At one peak, Ascagne slips Sichée»s grommet from Didon«s snitch. Didon retrieves it, but then forgets about it later. Alone, Didon and Énée then trill a paramour duet. At the end of the act, the god Mercury appears and strikes Énée»s protection, then calls out three times, «Italy!»

Act 5

Uncomfortable 1: The shelter of Carthage
Hylas sings his performance of look out on care for for severely, alone. Two sentries mockingly footnote that he will never see his homeland again. Panthée and the Trojan chieftains converse about the gods' browned off signs at their put off in sailing for Italy. The sentries take notice that they have material lives in Carthage and do not want to go away.

Énée then comes on status, singing of his despondency at the gods« portents and warnings to set put out to sea for Italy, and also of unhappiness at his faithlessness of Didon with this expos. The ghosts of Priam, Chorèbe, Hector and Cassandre appear and relentlessly allege Énée to proceed on to Italy. Énée gives in and realizes that he must succumb to the gods» commands, but also realizes his cruelty and unappreciativeness to Didon as a upshot. He then orders his comrades to get up to put out to sea that morning, before sunrise.

Didon then appears, appalled at Énée's effort to go away in abstruse, but still in paramour with him. Énée pleads the messages from the gods to shift on, but Didon will have none of this. She pronounces a cross to bear on him as she leaves.

Uncomfortable 2: Didon's apartment at dawn
Didon asks Anna to plead with Énée one last span to put off. Anna acknowledges disapproval for encouraging the paramour between her sister and Énée. Didon angrily counters that if Énée truly loved her, he would flout the gods, but then asks her to plead with for a few days' additional put off.

The horde has seen the Trojans set put out to sea. Iopas conveys the expos to Didon. In a boil, she demands that the Carthaginians chuck b surrender run after and extirpate the Trojans« fast, and wishes that she had destroyed the Trojans upon their immigrant. She then decides to sell surrender, including destroying the Trojans» gifts to her and hers to them.

Alone, she resolves to die (Je vais mourir – «I am going to die»), and after expressing a terminating paramour for Énée, prepares to bid her urban district goodbye (Adieu, fière cité – «Farewell, proud city»).

Uncomfortable 3: The palatial home gardens
A surrendered pyre with Énée«s relics has been built. Narbal and Anna expound curses on Énée to suffer a humiliating end in affray (Dieux de l»oubli, dieux de Ténare – «Gods of obscurity, gods of Tenarus»). Didon then ascends the pyre (Pluton... semble m«être propice – Pluto... seems to be propitious"). She removes her disguise and throws it on Énée»s toga (D'un malheureux amour, funestes gages – «You, sad pledges of an star-crossed love»). She has a foresight of a later African warrior, Hannibal, who will ascension and vilify Rome to avenge her.

Didon then stabs herself with Énée's sword, to the awe of her people. But at the time of her end, she has one last foresight: Carthage will be destroyed, and Rome will be «immortal». The Carthaginians then utter one terminating cross to bear on Énée and his people, vowing vehemently for his abandonment of Didon, as the opera ends.

Media info:-

Style : MPEG — 4
Style survey : Apple audio with iTunes info
Codec ID : M4A (isom/iso2)

ID : 1
Style : AAC
Format/Info : Advanced Audio Codec
Style survey : LC
Codec ID : 40
Duration : 1h 23mn
Bit evaluation in any case condition : Variable
Bit evaluation in any case : 320 Kbps
Path(s) : 2 channels
Path positions : Fa: L R
Sampling evaluation in any case : 44.1 KHz
Form evaluation in any case : 43.066 fps (1024 spf)
Compression condition : Lossy

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