Handel - Giulio Cesare (Animate from the Met, Daniels, Dessay, Bicket)

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Handel:- Giulio Cesare
Opera on 3, Be from the Met

Be from the Met
Presented by Margaret Juntwait and Ira Siff

Handel«s side of the Caesar and Cleopatra anecdote, with its themes of sweet, war, and empire erection based on verifiable events of the Roman secular war of 48-47 B.C. Julius Caesar has defeated his against Pompey and pursued him to Alexandria, the pre-eminent of Egypt, where he finds a realm ruled by Cleopatra and her younger chum Ptolemy. In David McVicar»s play, which premiered at Glyndebourne in 2005, one of the the world's peerless countertenors, David Daniels, sings the name r, with Natalie Dessay as one of the most enchanting heroines in all opera, Cleopatra.

Giulio Cesare (Julius Caesar).....David Daniels (countertenor)
Cleopatra......Natalie Dessay (soprano)
Tolomeo (Ptolemy).....Christophe Dumaux (countertenor)
Cornelia.....Patricia Bardon (mezzo-soprano)
Sesto (Sextus).....Alice Coote (mezzo-soprano)
Achilla (Achillas).....Guido Loconsolo (bass)
Curio.....John Moore (bass)
Nireno.....Rachid Ben Abdeslam (countertenor)
Chorus and Orchestra of The Metropolitan Opera, New York
Harry Bicket, conductor.

Relay: BBC Tranny 3, 27 Apr 2013

Outline (from Wikipedia)

All Right: Egypt
Conditions: 48 B.C.

Act 1
After the overture, the whole players, except Giulio Cesare, gathers on rostrum show business for the split chorus. (Chorus: Viva, viva il nostro Alcide). Giulio Cesare and his first troops hit town on the banks of the River Nile after defeating Pompeo«s forces. (Aria: Presti omai l»Egizia terra). Pompeo«s second woman, Cornelia, begs for pity for her husband»s existence. Cesare agrees, but on the influence that Pompeo must see him in in the flesh. Achilla, the gaffer of the Egyptian army, presents Cesare with a chest containing Pompeo«s cut off. It is a remembrancer of put up with from Tolomeo, the co-ruler of Egypt (together with Cleopatra, his sister). Cornelia faints, and Cesare is violent about Tolomeo»s cruelty. (Aria: Empio, dirò, tu sei). Cesare«s colleague, Curio, offers to avenge Cornelia, hoping that she will settle for him and tie the knot him. Cornelia rejects the forth in trouble, saying that another cessation would not save her distress. (Aria: Priva, son d»ogni conforto). Sesto, son of Cornelia and Pompeo, swears to take her for his father«s cessation. (Aria: Svegliatevi nel heart). Cleopatra decides to use her seduce to entrap Cesare. (Aria: Non disperar, chi sà?) Achilla brings the intelligence to Tolomeo that Cesare was violent over the manslaughter of Pompeo. Tolomeo swears to manslaughter Cesare to defend his disregard of the realm. (Aria: L»empio, sleale, indegno). Cleopatra (in appearance) goes to collect Cesare in his party hoping that he will put up with her as the leader of Egypt. Cesare is amazed by her asset. (Aria: Non è si vago e bello). Nireno notes that the seduction was first. (Aria: Tutto può donna vezzosa). Meanwhile, Cornelia continues to deplore the disadvantage of her keep. (Arioso: Nel tuo seno, amico sasso). Cornelia prepares to manslaughter Tolomeo to avenge Pompeo«s cessation, but is stopped by Sesto, who promises to do it instead. Cesare, Cornelia and Sesto go to the Egyptian ch to collect Tolomeo. (Aria: Cara speme, questo heart). Cleopatra now believes that as she has turned Cesare, Cornelia and Sesto against Tolomeo successfully, the scales are tipped in her forward. (Aria: Tu la mia stella sei). Cesare meets Tolomeo, who offers him a cubicle quarters in the grand apartments, though Cesare tells Curio that he expects Tolomeo to be him. (Aria: Va tacito e nascosto). Tolomeo is fascinated by Cornelia»s asset but has promised Achilla that he could have her. (Aria: Tu sei il cor di questo heart). Sesto attempts to object to Tolomeo, but is ineffective. When Cornelia rejects Achilla, he orders the soldiers to catch Sesto. (Duet: Son nata a lagrimar).

Act 2

In Cleopatra«s ch, while in appearance as «Lidia», she uses her charms to entrap Cesare. (Aria: V»adoro, pupille). She sings praises of Cupid«s darts and Cesare is thrilled. Cesare is gaga with Cleopatra, and Nireno tells Cesare that «Lidia» is waiting for him. (Aria: Se in fiorito ameno prato). In Tolomeo»s ch, Cornelia laments her existence. (Arioso: Deh piangete, oh mesti lumi). Achilla pleads with Cornelia to admit him, but she rejects him. (Aria: Se a me non sei crudele) When he leaves, Tolomeo also tries to win her, but is also rejected. (Aria: Sì spietata, il tuo rigore). Evaluation that there is no longing, Cornelia tries to take her own existence, but is stopped by Sesto, who is escorted by Nireno. Nireno reveals the bad intelligence that Tolomeo has given orders for Cornelia to be sent to his harem. However, Nireno also comes up with a aim to informer Sesto into the harem together with Cornelia, so Sesto can manslaughter Tolomeo when he is alone and weaponless. (Aria: Cessa omai di sospirare). Sesto enters the garden of the ch, wishing to confute Tolomeo for destructive his founder. (Aria: L«angue offeso mai riposa). Meanwhile, Cleopatra waits for Cesare to hit town in her ch. (Aria: Venere bella). Still gaga with her, Cesare arrives in Cleopatra»s ch. However, Curio abruptly bursts in and warns Cesare that he has been betrayed, and enemies are approaching Cesare«s chambers and chanting «Death to Cesare». Cleopatra reveals her oneness and after hearing the enemies heading for them, asks Cesare to beat a hasty retreat, but he decides to confute. (Aria: Al lampo dell»armi). (Chorus: Morà, Cesare morà). Cleopatra, having fallen in sweet with Cesare, begs the gods to glorify him. (Aria: Se pietà di me non senti). In Tolomeo«s ch, Tolomeo prepares to minute his harem. (Arioso: Belle dee di questo heart). As Tolomeo tries to entrap Cornelia, Sesto rushes in to manslaughter Tolomeo, but is stopped by Achilla. Achilla announces that Cesare (in the to run from soldiers) has jumped from the ch window and died. Achilla asks again for Cornelia»s round of applause in wedding but is turned down by Tolomeo. Violent, Achilla leaves. Sesto feels devastated and attempts to manslaughter himself but is prevented from doing so by his mother; he repeats his vow to manslaughter Tolomeo. (Aria: L'aure che spira).

Act 3

Violent at Tolomeo for being unappreciative to him despite his faithfulness, Achilla plans to imperfection to Cleopatra«s side (Aria: Dal fulgor di questa spada), but Tolomeo stabs him before he does. As fight rings out between Tolomeo»s and Cleopatra«s armies, Tolomeo celebrates his patent crushing against Cleopatra (Aria: Domerò la tua fierezza). Cleopatra laments losing both the fight and Cesare (Aria: Piangerò la sorte mia). However, Cesare is not smothered: he survived his hear of and is roaming the desolate in search of his troops (Aria: Aure, deh, per pietà). While looking for Tolomeo, Sesto finds the wounded, nearly smothered Achilla, who hands Sesto a seal authorizing him to dominate his armies. Cesare appears and demands the seal, propitious that he will either keep both Cornelia and Cleopatra or die (Aria: Quel torrente, che cade dal monte). With Cesare crowded and Achilla smothered, Sesto»s spirits take, and he vows to confute on (Aria: La giustizia ha già sull«arco). Cesare continues on to Cleopatra»s party, where a lamenting Cleopatra is elated to see him. (Aria: Da tempeste il legno infranto).

In the ch, Sesto finds Tolomeo trying to plunder Cornelia and kills him. Having successfully avenged Pompeo, Cornelia and Sesto hold Tolomeo«s cessation. (Aria: Non ha più che temere). The first Cesare and Cleopatra minute Alexandria, and Cesare proclaims Cleopatra to be leader of Egypt and promises his put up with to her and her mountains. They pronounce their sweet for each other (Duet: Caro! Bella! Più amabile beltà). Cesare then proclaims Egypt»s release from despotism, and wishes for the brilliance of Rome to spread far and off the target. For the unchangeable chorus, the whole players (including the smothered Achilla and Tolomeo) gathers on rostrum show business to hold the power of sweet and the accomplishment of benign over devilry (Chorus: Ritorni omai nel nostro heart).

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