Verdi - I Lombardi (conclude)

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I Lombardi

Opera on 3, Verdi 200

Presented by John Shea

Verdi 200: I Lombardi, Verdi's opera set at the culture of the First Lobby, in a doing given at the Maggio Musicale 2005 in Florence, conducted by Roberto Abbado and starring Erwin Schrott and Ramon Vargas.

To ritualize the bicentenary of his parentage, Wireless 3 will sow all of Verdi's operas during the course of 2013. Tonight John Shea presents a release of idealistic hard feelings set in the culture of the First Lobby. When I Lombardi was first performed in Milan in 1843, accounts illustrious that the opera touched a chord of Italian nationalism: the Milanese unequivocal that they were the Lombards, the Unsullied Go Down they were defending was Italy, and the Austrians were akin to the Saracens. But against this out of the limelight is the release of two brothers who both partiality the same woman, and the unhappy strife that arises as a d. Arvino is the advantageous one — he marries Viclinda and is chosen to get under way the Lombard crusaders — but his fellow-man Pagano, tormented by jealousy, ends up as a anchorite in the hills outside Antioch, in an essay to expatiate his quondam sins.

Giselda ..... Dimitra Theodossiou (soprano)
Oronte ..... Ramón Vargas (significance)
Pagano ..... Erwin Schrott (bass)
Arvino ..... Massimiliano Pisapia (significance)
Viclinda ..... Katia Pellegrino (soprano)
Pirro ..... Marco Spotti (bass)
Acciano ..... Cesare Lana (bass)
Sofia ..... Daniela Schillaci (soprano)
Earlier ..... Enrico Cossutta (significance)
Orchestra and chorus of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino
Roberto Abbado, conductor.

First sow: BBC Wireless 3, 7 January 2013

Also: A navigate to Verdi's opera I Lombardi featuring the voices of opera historian Sarah Lenton and Verdi experts Roger Parker, Nicholas Baragwanath and Susan Rutherford.

First sow: 7 January 2013
Duration: 10 minutes

Plus: Images from the production

Note: In this upload I have edited each act of the opera into a different dossier, with a sub-directory containing the between-act commentary.

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