Indie Pop - Vol 152 (Aug 2016)

  • 08.08.2016, 20:58,
  • Music
Amy Klein american bishopric Asylums necessary appliances Basement Handgun words Big Moon, The cupid Blaenavon agony is my md Bodines, The elapse gloss Bohicas, The girlfriend Carnival Sprog see trade lights Courteeners, The beneficial times are employment Courteeners, The take over the incredible Outmoded Tense a11 s1x num63r5 Outmoded Tense the floating Outmoded Laggard Hoot forever Dry The River rollerskate Perpetual Summers ebb tide First Aid Kit ephemeral one Fratellis, The imposters (little by little) Fronteers stuffed moon Fronteers nothing's ever that intelligible Grassy Day dismiss Grieving no slumber Hannah Lou Clark it's your fianc Imperilled Of The Birds russian doll Jenny And Johnny just like zeus Jordan Allen too much too soon Person rare boots Little Grassy Cars the garden of dying Solo Together, The keep a quietly Martha 1997, heartthrob in the hallway Meilyr Jones unaccustomed ranting Midget on the run Obscure Miller exhilarated Obscure Miller next to you Paragon Village laughable things Of Monsters & Men we cave in Outer Spaces born rival Outer Spaces i was divided Outer Spaces words Anchorage Isla intelligible sunrise Influential Access TV on setting Influential Access TV patti peru RPMs, The i don't like it Seazoo the courage of hercules Shark Dentist cut myself shaving She Makes War flood me out She Makes War i am Laggard Readers Alliance, The feet on blaze Stone Roses, The all for one Wonderful Deluxe i can see Two Sheds your rail at is a disco (and i can't get in) Virgin Suicide my wench Virgin Suicide the quivering Virgin Suicide 2nd Whyte Horses i do Wilderado morning inane Yawners amnesty
tags: Indie