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Haste Limbaugh &#151; July 22, 2016 Greatest Degree Podcast CNN Astounded by Trump Philippic Vote President Obama Doesn't Get It The Poisoning of the Millennial Desire HASTE: This is bitter gossip. They got 75% either overconfident or somewhat overconfident, but you know what they«re saying at CNN? It may be 75 now, but hang on »til Monday when we get through with this. By the rhythm we talk people down on this Trump will be fortuitous to be over 50% after that simple philippic after we counteract him on it. Trump Support: He Inspires Me Democrat Merchants of Karma and Murkiness Tell Us Trump's Philippic Was Too «Dark» HASTE: Here is what the Hillary electioneer actually said: «Tonight, Donald Trump painted a satanic visualize of an America in demur. And his rejoinder -- more , more disagreement, more , more abhor -- was yet another memory that he is temperamentally unfit...» There was no abhor last darkness. This is another Democrat shenanigans. They categorized passion and preoccupied caring as abhor. There wasn't any abhor for anybody last darkness. If anything, there was delight expressed for people last darkness. My Predictions for the DNC Cruzer: Trump Didn't Lecture B Be Meaningful To to Me Unthinkable 13-Year-Old Analyzes Cruz HASTE: «Cops getting photo all the time? Eh! No big attend to. Why you think it«s anything odd? Why do you think it»s anything unusual?» That«s really how Obama wants us to look at this? I»m so off one«s rocker of these «new normals» -- conservation in demur, 94 million Americans not working, unemployment status 12, 15% in authenticity. And this we»re just theoretical to accept? The Poisoning of the Millennial Desire HASTE: If you have a Millennial stripling, you probably are routine with their almost paranoid unsettle with the concept of sustainability. And their need, their paranoia of sustainability derives from what they«ve been told about far-reaching warming. And call to mind, now they»ve been told this from the most impressible years of their lives, age three, four, five, pre-K, kindergarten, they haven't escaped it. <a href=" http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow" http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/</a