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Laura Ingraham podcast August 5th 2016 94,333,000 not in labor crack <a href=",333,000-not-in-labor-force/ — 255407728940584147.html« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow",333,000-not-in-labor-force/ &#151; 255407728940584147.html</a Dr. Gorka: «Obama»s Apparatus Strengthen for Terrorism' NEW SAMPLE: Clinton's strengthen among Hispanics evenly proportioned to Obama's in 2012 and 2008 Dr. Sebastian Gorka &#151; writer of Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War Dr. Kelli Minor &#151; Arizona Constitution Senator, Republican; challenging Sen. John McCain in GOP principal Hillary Scott &#151; Seven-span Grammy Endow With-winsome choir member of the mother country music triple Lady Antebellum. Her new album, Proclivity Remains, is available now. How Hillary Lied to Parents of Benghazi Insensate Yes, Trump stepped in it by attacking the Khans, but where is the media defile over Hillary’s lies to the Benghazi parents? Donald J. Trump really knows how to be upheld his foot in his gate. And then his calf. And then his thigh. If he keeps going, he will be in actual pester. The Republican presidential nominee’s long contest with Ghazala and Khizr Khan has been a % needless and incredibly unhelpful agitation from the contest he needs to wage against Hillary Clinton and her collectivist vision: to conserve Obamaism and screen the policies that have enfeebled America abroad and slowed GDP swelling to a near-dead — 1 percent, on unexceptional, for the first half of 2016. Trump’s affray with the nourish and originator of the time U.S. Army Captain Humayun Khan — who was killed in effect in Iraq in June 2004 — is chest, unreasonable, and self-critical. When the Pakistani-born parents of this American military superstar condemned Trump’s proposed limits on Muslim immigration, he should have let their words listing away, like raindrops on an brolly. Instead, Trump grabbed that brolly and smacked the Khans with it — even as Republicans recoiled, and Democrats danced jigs of joy. Lie of the Day Republican officials are so on the warpath at [Trump] . . . that they're considering replacing him at the top of the ticket... -Travis Gettys, Raw Account, August 3, 2016 Obama Spends 7 Minutes Dodging On Whether Iran Will Use $400 Million To Grant Terrorism 94,333,000 Americans were not in the labor crack in July, a reduce better showing than June’s 94,517,000; and the labor crack participation position improved reduce, increasing a tenth of a notion to 62.8 percent from June’s 62.7 percent, the Labor Department's Chest of Labor Statistics reorted on Friday. In September 2015, the labor crack participation position dropped to 62.4 percent, its lowest notion since 1977. The best it’s been since Barack Obama took thing is 65.8 percent in February 2009, the month after Obama was sworn in amongst a set-back. The labor crack participation position is the cut of people in the civilian noninstitutionalized denizens, age 16 or older, who are either working or actively seeking occupation. <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a