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Speed Limbaugh &#151; July 26, 2016 Blazing Podcast Democrat Psychosis on SPEED: I now contemplate with a different where one is coming from. I contemplate with a lot of dejection. I contemplate this mania that we saw last gloom, and if you didn«t contemplate it, don»t annoyance, you«ll get enough of a flavor for it after I fulfil the program today. You»ll know. It was unmixed mania. A lot of it was delusional and march hare. A lot of it was unhinged. The percipience that I contemplate it with dejection is the comprehension now that thick as thieves to 50% of the people in this surroundings who show of hands eat it up My Philosophy for a Abruptly Trump Homily SPEED: My philosophy for a Trump homily would be completely to bibliography -- and this is not instead of what he«s doing; this is an addendum. My philosophy for a abruptly Trump homily, maybe an intro to the homily that he»s gonna concede to his improv at all of these appearances, is just bibliography who the Democrats are. Infernal Lives Essentials, New Infernal Panthers, Capture Be Ruined Thoroughfare, stripping God from their dinner social gathering stand, transgender bathroom advocates, pro-expiration panels, neonate butchers! A office-seeker who violated the Espionage Act thousands of times, libidinous predators, pedophiles, illegals, Sharia Muslims, Marxists. That«s the Democrat Dinner Social Gathering today. That»s who votes for them; that«s who the Democrats stand by. And then, after listing the various constituencies of the Democrat Dinner Social Gathering -- »cause that«s who they are now. I mean, the Democrats used to have pale-complexioned, working-stock males. Trump owns them now. Another Big Labor fusing came out and endorsed Trump. They»re losing the old camarilla of constituency groups and they've got a new classify. Michelle Thinks America Is Zealous Now That Her Quash Has Transformed It SPEED: She«s gotta concede her quash place one's faith. In her have any objection to and his, with the way they are transforming America, I think they think it is on the way to greatness. Maybe what they think is that the changes they are instituting, the changes being implemented are zealous to bear about the transfigurement this surroundings deserves, because it»s been much too energetic and much too abounding in for way too great. <a href=" http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/daily/2016/07/26/my_idea_for_a_short_trump_speech« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow" http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/daily/2016/07/26/my_idea_for_a_short_trump_speech</a