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Hustle Limbaugh &#151; July 25, 2016 Wide Podcast Democrats: Celebration of End and Sorrow HUSTLE: The formerly larboard has frightened green people to extinction. One of the most lucky campaigns to scare green people and to keep «em in edge has been this whole universal warming emotional attachment. It is uncanny how many green people -- and they»ve been watching Captain Planet since they were 5 years old, kindergarten, rank infuse with, lesser cheerful, midway infuse with, cheerful infuse with. They have been taught that beneficence is destroying the planet, their parents and their grandparents. And they believed it. And they believe there's not gonna be a inhabitable planet by the be that as it may they are 60, 65 years old, maybe even before. They really believe this. And, if you take be that as it may to pressurize out how they have just been smothered with this equipment, you would pressurize out why the Democrats have made it possible. And this is how using angst, using darkness, using a never-ending catastrophe implanted in disorder, they keep these people trustworthy to Big Supervision knowledge-and-in check Democrat-run institutions, all to retain the planet. Trump Get Bound Rattles Experts HUSTLE: Trump got a conference bound and it«s a big one, a six-train a designate conference bound... Believe me. Don»t angst me on this. Despite the smiling and attempts at everything«s okay and all is orthodox that you»re seeing from Democrats this week, they're disquieted. They are panicked. Because Trump was suppositious to be nowhere near Hillary. Trump was not suppositious to be close-matched, much less influential. DNC Emails Show What We Knew HUSTLE: You know how I«m gonna get into this email stuff? I»m gonna go repudiate, we got some See, I Told You So«s, things that I have told you in modern months, in the previous year and a half. Things I predicted. I knew these things were gonna cook. I knew the was rigged against Bats Bernie. I knew all this »cause I know these people. I know the formerly larboard. I know the Democrats. I know liberals. I know how they conduct, and so you«ll approve of in the See, I Told You So»s from weeks, months, and a little over a year-and-a-half ago how I foretold all of this that is in this WikiLeak email validate. Flashback: When Tim Kaine Ran in Virginia, He Said He Was a Midway-Of-The-Roader HUSTLE: When he runs for area in Virginia, her failing presidential nominee? Why, you would not believe how midway-of-the-roader this guy sounds! Proving another of my many often-made points, that Democrats -- in caste to win elections, elections -- have to pressurize people think that they are not who they are. They cannot run as progressives, open extremists. <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a