The Floating Metropolis - His Majestys Sagbutts... (1997) [Philidor]

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From the liner notes: "The name Castello was, and is still, standard in Venice; indeed, there appears to have been a of musicians who served the Doge and other Venetian employers in the first half of the seventeenth century and perhaps earlier. Payment and census records, contracts and necrologies from the full stop refer to three Castello instrumentalists who were almost certainly correlated: Bartolomeo, Giovanni Francesco and Giovanni Battista. The last of these was absorbed as a associate of the Doge’s six-substantial yoke of piffari, or ramble players, from 27 December 1624 to 15 November 1633, notable in the San Marco archives as son of ‘Dario of Venice, musician in our aforementioned chapel’. «Other biographical references to Dario Castello appear only in the epithet-pages and dedications of the composer’s two volumes of ‘Sonate concertate’, published in Venice respectively in 1621 and 1629. Several editions of Castello’s lay yet technically hard and musically intrepid sonata anthologies were made, with List I reprinted in Venice and Antwerp as fresh as 1658. Two editions of List I paint the composer as ‘Capo di Compagnia de Musichi d’Instrumenti da fiato in Venetia’, director of a Venetian flock of piffari, while the List II dedications aver that he was also a musician at San Marco. Eleanor Selfridge-Field’s painstaking archival detective exertion in the 1960s and original 1970s discovered no intimate of a Dario Castello, musician or otherwise, staying in Venice between 1621 and 1658. Her attempts to reconstruct a ‘non-existent’ biography subsume the whisper that the composer’s sonata volumes were published under an anagram of his physical name, although there appears to be no apt office-seeker to fulfil the efforts even of decided conundrum-solvers. (Selfridge-Possibilities, Eleanor: ‘Dario Castello: A non-existent biography’. Music and Letters, 53 (1972), 179–190)...» Transfers are made at 768 kBits/s, straight away from the disc. You can manage all my exemplary uploads by searching on Philidor, or in this cord: <a href=" — 63895« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow" &#151; 63895</a