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Laura Ingraham July 11 2016 Podcast mp3 How Trump Can Set Free the G.O.P. AS the Republican Popular Congregation nears, there is growing talk of a castle — or fete — coup to wrest the nomination from Donald J. Trump, or at least platform a famous qualm against him. These Republicans are in contradiction, and so are the temperate writers and activists egging them on. Their insurrection is likely to come to grief. It also ignores the unswerving trouble, and conservatives should thank Mr. Trump for exposing it. For many years — in factors, for much of its newfangled representation — the G.O.P. has made a mania of ideological righteousness at the expense of encounter the needs of voters. It is Mr. Trump who is for good addressing their verified productive concerns. William Johnson &#151; Ceo chairman of the Popular Connection of Enforce Organizations. «It does seem that there is a double-barrelled criterion and that is particularly unswerving when it comes to police» Jack Cashill &#151; Prime Mover of TWA 800: William Johnson &#151; Ceo chairman of the Popular Connection of Enforce Organizations. Chip Fuhrman &#151; Forensic and felony altercation dexterous for FOX Advice Gutter and former LAPD detective. Jack Cashill &#151; Prime Mover of TWA 800: The Explosion, The Traverse Up, and The Intrigue. Mary Matalin &#151; Republican governmental adviser <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a The Victims of the Dallas Enforce Mass Murder Lie of the Day Go look at a Trump produce. They're all made in China. &#151; U.S. Secretary of Labor, Thomas Perez What Hamilton Might Think of Hillary Hillary Clinton has been embracing the cultural wonder of the -prepossessing euphonious «Hamilton.» For weeks, her campaign'sand Excitement accounts promoted a battle to win tickets to see a particular show of the euphonious. The Three Plucky Veterans Wrecked in Dallas Three of the five law enforcement officers in Dallas who were killed in la blood by a revolting sniper last Thursday dusk had a redoubtable representation of air force to the country. The Weighty Obama Jobs Lie Despite a halving of the headline unemployment speed during the stylish productive retrieval, signs of irresolution in the U.S. job bazaar stay behind way too undemanding to put one«s finger on &#151; including multi-decade low shares of Americans actually working, still soaring levels of those too discouraged to ask for employment or employed leave-constantly involuntarily, and historically sub-par wage increase that»s only recently shown any vigor. Illegals Cut the Short-Listed For for Nutriment Stamps Due to a caprice in the way most states reckon eligibility for nutriment stamps, some families with illicit immigrants get favorable treatment over families with only American citizens, according to a account released Monday. Christie in the Wings Chris Christie's prospects for the No. 2 man on the Republican presidential ticket appear to have faded somewhat in current days, but the always-unpredictable Donald Trump could do worse than his former select be a match for