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Laura Ingraham Podcast July 6, 2016 Hillary Clinton Should Not Be Above the Law Even So &#151; Rand Paul It is said-and most of us have fagged out our lives believing-that we are a realm of laws. If the FBI's finding to not continue Hillary Clinton is accepted, we will have become a realm of two sets of laws: one for the Clintons, and one for everyone else. Jim Comey's Clinton Beau Id Madden In Someone's Bailiwick Review &#151; and View For our bills, the most revealing words in FBI Mr Big James Comey's averral Tuesday explaining his finding not to plug prosecuting Hillary Clinton for mishandling classified communication were these: «This is not to propose that in nearly the same circumstances, a myself who wrapped up in this energy would mask no consequences. To the different, those individuals are often guinea-pig to gage or administrative sanctions.» Did Comey Wreck Clinton by «Exonerating» Her? PJ Media &#151; Roger L. Simon I may be alone in saying this, but when the apophthegmatic dust settles, James Comey may have wound Hillary Clinton more than he helped her in his averral Tuesday concerning the Fabulous Email Wrangling. He may have let her off the capture legally, but myself he has socialistic the putative Egalitarian aspirant scarred almost beyond notice. Probity Talk for Hillary Clinton on Email Server Also Has a Downside Hillary Clinton had both the best and worst day of her action on Tuesday, when the F.B.I. mr big, James B. Comey, held an super talk symposium to censure her handling of her email modus operandi as secretary of nation, and to say that he did not plug federal charges against her. FBI: Clinton «extremely careless» but no charges recommended FBI Mr Big James Comey said Tuesday that he would not plug charges against Hillary Clinton over her use of reserved email servers while secretary of nation, removing a brobdingnagian crony hovering over her presidential action. Chris Farrell &#151; Mr Big of Investigations & Study at Official Take Care Of. James Kallstrom &#151; Former Colleague FBI Mr Big Joe DiGenova &#151; Former U.S. Attorney and founding ally of the law unshakable diGenova & Toensing in Washington, DC. Dr. Michele Borba &#151; Psychologist & Nurturing Expert; Framer of UnSelfie <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a