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Ado Limbaugh June 30, 2016 Podcast What I Think Tabulation Told Loretta Get It Now: The NEVER HILLARY Bumper Sticker Tapper: Trump Lives Rental Freely in Obama's Talent Taxpayers Will Be Paying for Sex Changes Amanpour vs. Hannan on CNN Kerry Reveals Left's Lay Out to Unbind Brexit These Cordial of Stories Used to Be Hysterical What I Think Tabulation Told Loretta NEVER HILLARY! NEVER HILLARY! NEVER HILLARY! What I Think Tabulation Told Loretta June 30, 2016 ADO: We are reputed to believe here that Tabulation Clinton, a 70-year-old man with a r of verve in a pickle, played golf in Phoenix where it was 108, 110 degrees, maybe he played on Sunday when it was 108, I don«t know. And then he»s on the way to the airport to render, is told that Loretta Lynch, the attorney blanket, is soon due to reach the top, delays his departure, goes to a void gi joe jet on the tarmac where she happens to be. He delays his departure to go have the conjunction at which they deliberate over their grandchildren and their travels... That just doesn't travail for me. Let me bid an alternative... Kerry Reveals Left«s Lay Out to Unbind Brexit (And They»ll Do the Same If Trump Wins) June 30, 2016 ADO: There«s a scenario, and that is that the European Weld does not take losing perfidious down, just like the Democrat Soir and the hand here don»t. In experience, I«m not gonna get into it in delegate right now, but I want you to be thought about something. I want you to extravagantly deliver to November. Artful everything you know now, using news guided by test, I want you to extravagantly deliver to November to Trump fetching the presidency in November. I want you to think, using your news guided by test, what»s gonna come about that night? What«s gonna come about the next day? What»s going to come about every day thereafter? What«s gonna come about the day Trump gets inaugurated? What is the hand gonna do? They»re not gonna just sit mechanically by and admit this and say, «Good battle. We gave it everything we had, but we lost.» They«re gonna do everything they can to wreck it. And I think we»re gonna see levels of destructiveness that we have not seen. R Is Made! Taxpayers Now Have the Authorization of Paying for Sex Changes R Is Made! Taxpayers Now Have the Authorization of Paying for Sex Changes Amanpour vs. Hannan on CNN -- Whatever It Was, It Wasn't an Discussion June 30, 2016 ADO: Christiane Amanpour was reputedly interviewing Daniel Hannan. He's the very right -- we predilection the guy -- colleague of the Parliament in Prodigious Britain, and she was interviewing him about the Brexit referendum and it was not an discussion. It was an charge. She was actually a prosecutor, he was a , and she was trying to put him in big house. It was the most marvellous subject. The Cordial of Stories We Used to Summon Up Hysterical But Now Have to Take Seriously ADO: There are a join of stories here that, in the old days we would do these and have a prodigious yuk and a prodigious minimize about them, thought everybody else would also summon up them hysterical and laughable, not realizing that a obliging rate of the denizens would be identifying with the gist meaning and angered by it or in sustenance of it. So we haven«t stopped reporting this cordial of rubbish, but I have changed my viewpoint about it, realizing now that a obliging include of people who consent it are going to not think it»s hysterical, that they«re either gonna acquiesce in with it or think it»s very serious. ADO: R is being made as we require. The Defense Secretary is lifting the ban on transgenders in the military. You know why? So that we, now as taxpayers, will have the authorization of paying for sex mutation procedures. Oh, you don't think -- ask Chelsea Manning about that, if you me. <a href=" http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow" http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/</a