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Scamper Limbaugh podcast June 29,2016 MP3 Morning Update: Bad Words Ban The Obama R has come up with a map to thwart American millennials from being “radicalized” by groups like ISIS. According to the Quotidian Send, the Responsibility of Homeland Custody just released new guidelines Scrambling Liberals Don't Know Who to Fault for the Istanbul Airport Assail June 29, 2016 SCAMPER: Since it is ungainly to try to fault guns for this assail, given that Turkey wellnigh has banned its citizens from owning firearms, the Tour-Bys and the breather of the Obama supervision are scrambling to come up with somebody to fault here. Scrambling Liberals Don't Know Who to Fault for the Istanbul Airport Assail WaPo Responds to Me, Tells Us Why Apes Aren't Evolving Into Humans SCAMPER: Right here it is, the very have doubts I asked, attempting to rouse a fervency and cause tumult out there. Now they«re actually asking it! I guaranty you this comes from that program. I guaranty you. What this is, is a field column where they rejoin questions written in by readers. The headline exactly: «Dear Field: Why Aren»t Apes Evolving into Humans?« You know what the rejoin is, by the way? Swift rejoin: At Great Cost so-and-so... »We are apes.» There's a Spaced Out Expectation Nate Bright Is Improper Again About Donald Trump SCAMPER: He«s isolated now predicting Hillary Clinton has a 79% possibility risk of victorious the presidency, compared to Trump»s 20%. Now, Bright still has a lot of acolytes out there. He still has a lot of trusty believers. And they«re applauding and they»re partying and they're glad, but they are forgetting something momentous. Nate Bright has been improper about Donald Trump predictions seven times since last June. You're Going to Be Hearing This Soon: Conservatives Create Gays Debilitated SCAMPER: If all of this bring into prominence resulting from interpersonal and structural connoisseurship is important to an unfair split of alcoholism, abundant cigarette use, and mainly impaired corporeal and abstract vigour, don't you think that investigators will get ways to scientifically, repeat, unquote, fault all of this on the despise-filled, racist, sexist, biased, and homophobic Republican Party? what? only 2 % gays not 99 percent Homophobia !!! <a href=" http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/daily/2016/06/29« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow" http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/daily/2016/06/29</a