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Sensation Limbaugh &#151; June 21, 2016 Podcast The Best Signification of Brexit You'll Get SENSATION: You know, we haven't talked about it on this program, the Brexit guarantee which is coming up Thursday. This is a guarantee in Immense Britain to disappear the European Federation. And, folks, this quirk is a microcosm for things circumstance in this homeland. The people of Immense Britain across cocktail lines want out of the European Federation, and the elites in Immense Britain and the elites in the European Federation do not. Democrats and Spin-Bys Are Vexed About the Closeness of This Tribe SENSATION: There«s a slowly of terror-stricken and disturb on the Democrat side about Trump versus Hillary. And I have the telltale signs to ruin that up. They»ve got this CNN ask out there, and they«re not propitious about it. Now, the Spin-Bys are trying to award it as though it is just wonderful dirt for Hillary, but it isn»t. When you component everything in, it is not all right dirt... Then they go to the Republican side and they see that there«s a near in there at the council. They»re still plotting ways to Trump. Given that, Hillary ought to be up 70-30, and she's no more than up above the bounds of literal -- and, in certain areas of the CNN/ORC ask, Trump is cleaning her clock. This ask is not satiating. It is not uplifting. It is not pleasing to the Democrats Hillary's Horrible Anti-Trump Pecuniary Sales Pitch Is Most Rebuked SENSATION: Hillary Clinton ought to be the of a piece of a sitting evade in this electioneer. If anybody on the Republican/Trump side would just go into this with a little belief instead of being apprehensive of her.... She«s a walking contradiction. She»s not a all right campaigner. She«s not a all right candidate... Trump has been tweeting all during the Hillary sales pitch. Trump is his own lightning-fast reaction duo. He doesn»t need a electioneer director to do this effects. Well, I say that; I«m looking at some of these tweets and they»re okay, but they could be better. They could be better. Somebody should have been tweeting what I was saying. <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a