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John Batchelor July 14, 2016 China Rejects the Law. @marykissel, WSJ Leading Article. @michaelauslin, AEI. @korischake, @hooverinst <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a Titter: @batchelorshow China Rejects the Law. @marykissel, WSJ Leading Article. @michaelauslin, AEI. @korischake, @hooverinst. “Asia’s asylum troubles seem placid when contemplated in the courtroom. Many authorized observers believe that China will give the slip the arbitration situation, putting paid to its oft-repeated pronouncements about how all of the South China Sea is Chinese. So does Beijing, which refused to participate in the proceedings and which for months has telegraphed that it also will dregs to submit to by any ruling that goes against its interests. Such is the delicateness of oecumenical law when placed against assert policies. Perhaps worse, the ruling, whatever it decides, will not gear the most delicate issues. The star chamber beck has already made it decamp that it cannot on the whole on questions of sway over spelt territories. Further, it is unfamiliar if the court will on the whole on the so-called “9-Dart Line” claims of China to nearly the whole sea; any rebuff of this requisition would significantly gouge out Beijing’s proposition in the region….” <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a “What makes China’s programme in the South and East China seas so strange is that it is so cross-grained to the government’s About this cascade: of its “peaceful rise.” At the most up to date intersection of the Coalition of Southeast Asian Nations — a regional composition not unusual for winning harsh, noble stands on asylum issues — the bunch issued a unanimous condemnation of China before governments got unhesitatingly feet and retracted it. China’s behavior is so egregious that other countries now expand up the country’s vessels captured in their waters. It should agonize China that so many nations overpowered by it militarily and linked to it economically are willing to question it. “In the aftermath of the court verdict, China likely will examination the U.S.’ promptness to maintain the rules, creating military provocations that could escalate into war. It will redouble the use of civilian fishing fleets for military purposes and likely will try to appal Asian countries over which it has cost-effective leverage. The regime will denote that because the U.S. is not an Asian power, it should not be allowed to set the rules in Asia….” <a href=" — 20160714-regain control of oneself-story.html« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow" &#151; 20160714-regain control of oneself-story.html</a