MFSL, DCC, Sony MasterSound, Avenue, FIM, Analogue Stimulus etc

  • 18.08.2016, 05:52,
  • Music
Here is a aggregation of audiophile remasterd gold disks from DCC, Analogue Productions, RCA Gold Collectors Number, Model Brief Disks, FIM, Sony MasterSound, Atlantic Gold Sample and Avenue Gold. All of these are significantly better than the prototypical duct-description releases. And it is for this object that I have elected not to (at this applicability) comprehend some of the many MFSL disks that I have, since many of them are either not better than the prototypical (DSoTM, Intermeddle etc), or reported remasters have rendered them of documented value only (Misdemeanour of the Century). At some applicability I may revisit what I consider some of the best MFSL and made a folder of just those. Cat Stevens, Gilberto/Getz, Nirvana come to perception. All discs are ripped with EAC and comprehend log documentation. All bed linen art/liner note scans are also included. All of these are prototypical and are from my own CD aggregation. Most of these I have had uploaded as one torrents. But since my numbers of wish label seeds has been exceeded in BitComet, I am now lumping these all into one big cascade. The stupendous weak spot is that it is now more preposterous to search for the one titles, which is why I made them one uploads initially. But it was either consolidate or start deleting, and I chose to consolidate. On DCC are  Jim Croce — 24 Karat Gold In a Hem In  Miles Davis-The Musings of Miles  Jefferson Starship-Red Octopus  Elvis-Elvis is Ignore!  Elvis — 24 Karat Hits  Al Immature-Greatest Hits On Analogue Productions  Chet Baker-Chet Note this contains only the prototypical 10 tracks institute on the prototypical LP , and not the hand-out 11th trail institute on most other CD verisons. On Model Brief Disk (the CD kin of Model Records)  Dean Squinny At-Ucross (wiz on one's own exciting bass guitar)  Jennifer Warnes-Honoured Pornographic Raincoat  Sara McLachlan-Fumbling Towards Ecstacy/The Candidness Sessions  The Cowboy Junkies-The Trinity Sessions You would have memories that the Trinity Sessions being spruce to DAT could not really have much flat for advance, but for some object this adaptation sounds quite a bit better than the already entertaining-sounding RCA . RCA 24 Karat Gold Collectors Number  Jefferson Airplane-Surrealistic Pillow (both stereo and mono versions) Sony Mastersound SBM  The Indigo Girls-The Indigo Girls  Roy Orbison-Sole and Pornographic Avenue Gold Collectors Number  War-All Day Music  War-Present the Brief Conversation These remasters of two of War’s model albums have fabulous sonic qualities, and are lightweight years to the fore of the duct-description releases. The only let down is the eminence of the artwork that appears to have been generated from bankrupt scans of the originals. FIM HDCD  Patricia Barber-Café Pornographic (the HDCD treatment takes a gorgeous-sounding album on the Suspicion description, and turns it into a body and blood recording brimming of fervour, nuance and embodiment). Atlantic Gold Standards  Phil Collins-Puss Value Although this is also available as a very proper Audio Fidelity remastering, this adaptation has the lead in that the all-vital drums have more ‘thwack’ and mouthful to them. The AF adaptation softens the bumping and has spear-carrier fervour. Those who have heard the differences verge to favor this Atlantic adaptation over the AF one