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Turbulence Limbaugh August 15, 2016 Loose-Fitting Again! Another Inexact Media Chronicle Fed Virulence and Riots in Milwaukee August 15, 2016 Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke Just Positively Nails It TURBULENCE: Ann Althouse unmistakable this out -- at least this is where I set up this, where I saw it, Ann Althouse on her website, on her blog. At 10:06 a.m. -- and I surmise this was yesterday -- disturbance in Milwaukee. New York Times headline: «Unrest in Milwaukee After Constabulary Fatally Speed Weaponless Man.» Now, this is mighty because the shooter was not weaponless. Not only was he armed, he had a dossier. Going After the Media and Counting on Clinton Abuse Fallout Doesn't Industry TURBULENCE: I can«t tell you the times, there»s too many to upon, I can«t tell you the times that I have been at a soiree, at a social gathering, I can»t tell you the total of times I«ve been out there doing anything where people have come up to me, "We gotta go after the media. When are we gonna go after the media? The media»s profit us. The media is the assertion, we gotta go after the media.« Now you«re seeing what happens when you go after the media. It doesn»t industry... »But, Turbulence, what about the emails? «What about...?» The emails, the shmemails! Folks, there«s nothing that»s gonna come to pass with the emails. I don«t attend to what»s set up in them. We should know that by now This Trim Off Embodies How the Communistic Has Distorted Drizzle-Down Economics TURBULENCE: I want to with a common-sense bit from one of the protestors, unmarked, talking Saturday darkness in Milwaukee. I want you to pay attention to to what this man says. Is this...? Folks, not only does this collect what socialism and liberalism and communism and everything -- but, more importantly, this is exactly what I have told you. This is exactly how the communistic has distorted the delimitation of what drizzle-down economics is. <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a