Verdi - Luisa Miller (physical)

  • 01.09.2016, 23:27,
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Verdi — Luisa Miller Afternoon on 3, Thursday Opera Matinee In this afternoon«s opera matinee, Penny Slaughter presents Verdi»s Luisa Miller, a sentimentalist opera revealing powerful of passion and scheme. It is the recounting of Luisa and Rodolfo«s friendship, which is challenged by their families» different sexually transmitted standings and at the last ends in adversity. This afternoon's completion was recorded in November at the Submit Opera in Hamburg. It was directed by Andreas Homoki and the Hamburg Submit Opera is conducted by Simone Immature. The Georgian coloratura soprano Nino Michaidze takes the championship r and Rodolfo is sung by the Italian-born bias Ivan Magri. Presented by Penny Slaughter. Verdi Luisa Miller, opera in three acts Miller, a retired soldier.... George Petean (baritone) Luisa, his daughter.... Nino Michaidze (soprano) Regard Walter.... Tigran Martirossian (bass) Rodolfo, his son.... Ivan Magri (bias) Federica, Duchess of Ostheim, Walter's Niece.... Christina Damian (contralto) Wurm, Walter's steward.... Oliver Zwarg (bass) Laura, a village girl.... Ida Aldrian (mezzo-soprano) A Peasant.... Daniel Todd (bias) Hamburg Submit Opera Chorus Hamburg Submit Opera Orchestra Simone Immature (conductor) Recorded on 16 November 2014 at the Submit Opera, Hamburg. Also — Verdi: Luisa Miller Disseminate 3 Opera Guides A tutor to Verdi's opera Luisa Miller featuring opera historians Flora Willson, Sarah Lenton and Roger Parker Plus: Images from the fabrication (singers not credited) Outline ACT I. Tyrol, original 1700s. Luisa, daughter of an old soldier, is in friendship with a immature man she knows as Carlo but who is actually Rodolfo, son of the neighbourhood pub the almighty, Walter. The two lovers articulate undying fidelity, but Miller, Luisa«s inventor, is dubious, and his fears are confirmed when Walter»s retainer, Wurm, who also loves Luisa and hopes to fit together her, reveals Rodolfo's straightforwardly personality. In Walter«s stronghold, Wurm tells his big wheel of Rodolfo»s friendship for Luisa. Walter resolves to end their relationship, because he hopes to have his son fit together a widowed duchess, Federica. Formerly Larboard alone with her, Rodolfo reveals that he loves another, but the duchess, who has worshiped him since minority, refuses to violate their arrangement. At make clear, Miller tells Luisa that Rodolfo has deceived her and is about to squeeze a well-to-do nuptials. The immature man, however, comes to plead his truthfulness. When Walter storms in soon afterward and is about to have both Luisa and her inventor consigned to stir, Rodolfo secures their latitude by looming to ventilate how his inventor, with Wurm's benefit, murdered his cousin to increase his contribution place. ACT II. Luisa learns that her inventor has been jailed for insulting Walter. Wurm tells her the only way she can keep Miller is to indite a belles-lettres admitting she sought Rodolfo for his abundance, and pledging herself to Wurm. After doing his dictate, she learns she must go to the stronghold and broadcast her friendship for him before the duchess. Wurm presents Luisa's belles-lettres to Walter, and the two scheme to send it to Rodolfo. Wurm then brings in Luisa. Goaded on with threats by Wurm and Walter against her inventor, she professes her friendship for Wurm to Federica. Rodolfo receives Luisa«s belles-lettres in the stronghold courtyard. In discouragement he is about to corrosion Wurm when Walter appears and persuades him that marrying Federica will be the best way for him to avenge Luisa»s treachery. ACT III. Miller, released from stir, tries to assuage Luisa. The two conform to do a moonlight flit the village the next day. As Luisa prays, Rodolfo enters and pours a vial of contaminate into a decanter on the chart. He confronts Luisa with the belles-lettres. When she cannot usually imperative bugger off she wrote it, Rodolfo asks her to discharge him a drink; when he says it tastes unappetizing, she swallows some too. Rodolfo tells Luisa the cup was poisoned, and she, released from her vow, tells him the actually. As Luisa expires in Miller's arms, Rodolfo, with a settled feat, kills Wurm. Media info:- Inclusive Layout : MPEG Audio Overall bit clip condition : Non-Stop Overall bit clip : 320 Kbps Audio Layout : MPEG Audio Layout reading : Reading 1 Layout graph : Layer 3 Condition : Union stereo Bit clip condition : Non-Stop Bit clip : 320 Kbps Convey(s) : 2 channels Sampling clip : 48.0 KHz Compression condition : Lossy Editorial library : LAME3.98r Encoding settings : -m j -V 4 -q 3 -lowpass 20.5