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  • 02.09.2016, 19:06,
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Rifftrax.Audio.Only.Remasters. PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD UNTIL READING THE FOLLOWING THESE FILES ARE NOT VIDEOS THEY ONLY CONTAIN REMASTERED AUDIO COMMENTARIES, SUBS, AND CHAPTERS THEY ARE BEING POSTED TO ALLOW MUXING WITH OTHER VIDEO/AUDIO SOURCES If you don«t know what these are or you think it»d be too knotty to synch them, please really download the unabridged mkv files with all the video and audio tracks. These no-video Rifftrax commentaries are being provided by importune in wrapper someone wants to synch them with their own encodes of the movies. The commentary chase contains a balanced owner of the Rifftrax along with a stereo mix of the flick picture show. These mka files are Matroska containers with NO VIDEO and only the Rifftrax mp3 commentaries, English subs, and chapters from remasters. An mka can be muxed using MKVmerge with a drug provided video/audio encode. The remux might make synch putting right which can be readily applied within MKVmerge. Removing every «NO-» from an mka filename results in the filename for the unabridged column including video and flick picture show only audio tracks. This approve division contains the following mka files. This liber veritatis can be expanded by importune so please take off a animadversion or PM with the mka desired. Prominent.Wars.Prequel.Trilogy.ep1-3.1999-2005.1080p.Rifftrax.6ch.2ch.v2 Prominent.Wars.Original.Trilogy.ep4-6.1977-1983.1080p.Rifftrax.6ch.2ch.v2 The.Day.After.Tomorrow.2004.1080p.Rifftrax.6ch.2ch.v2 Twilight.Saga.Unabridged.2008-2012.1080p.Rifftrax.6ch.2ch.v2 If a Rifftrax was enjoyable, you haven't paid for it and you have a few dollars to gangling, please consider purchasing the riff or draw up a non-specific award via CCard, PPal, Bitcoin/Dogecoin/Litecoin or purse payment apps at Please damper out other releases of Rifftrax, MST3K, Battlestar Galactica, Prominent Trek, Gotham, DC Comics, documentaries, and more at: <a href=« https://thepiratebay.org/user/bsg4you/» target=«_NEW» rel=«nofollow» https://thepiratebay.org/user/bsg4you/</a and take off any corrections, censure, comments and requests. Thanks, bsg4you