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Laura Ingraham Sept 6, 2016 Company Lineup Byron York &#151; Chief partisan stringer for The Washington Examiner and Fox Advice Contributor. Peter Daboll &#151; CEO of Ace Metrix. Tom Fitton &#151; President of Distinguishing Tend Pat Buchanan &#151; Former higher- ranking advisor to Presidents Nixon, Ford, and Reagan, partisan commentator and maker Is Hillary Clinton Losing? Everybody who has ever worked for Hillary Clinton, covered her, supported her with clutched rosary and warped innards through the darkest days — or even watched her with cultivated tempt from afar — knew this before you can say «jack robinson» would come. With two months to go before the presidential nomination, a grave ballot released this morning (CNN/ORC) revealed that the “prohibitive favorite” (Clinton) is down by two points nationally to one of the worst presidential candidates since the advent of the indoor rich ladies' room: Donald J. Trump. Despite the left's excuses, Clinton violated federal law Last Friday, Excitement provided a near-unmatched window into America’s divided, polarized true self. That afternoon, the FBI released its heavily redacted description and talk notes regarding Hillary Clinton’s e-mails, and the responses could not have been more different. The Right side of the Twitterverse melted down. Some of the revelations were sensational. Hillary’s rig wiped her server after the New York Times disclosed its creature — at the same convenience life that Hillary herself was publicly profession for the salvation of her e-mails to the eminent. Incredibly, Hillary told investigators that she didn’t pay notice to the “level” of classification joined to e-letters communications and didn’t know what the (C) classification meant. She conveniently “forgot” numerous key facts. And — definitively — though she used 13 e-letters-masterly transportable devices during her permanency as secretary of confirm, her lawyers were unqualified to fix any of them. Thus, the FBI was unqualified to manners a forensic testing and was unqualified to definitely clinch if her e-letters had been hacked. In brief, what the FBI submit revealed was the territory of the Clinton subterfuge fbi, end with terrible details — such as aides smashing old Blackberries with a hammer, an IT worker declaring an “oh s***” before you can say «jack robinson» as he rushed to printing dele files, and Cheryl Mills participating as an attorney in the proceedings even though she was a see and possible gist in the scrutiny. <a href=",-Clinton-violated-federal-law/752669190683830372.html« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow",-Clinton-violated-federal-law/752669190683830372.html</a