Cyclick Samples - Guitar Loops [WAV]_Sin

  • 07.07.2016, 16:34,
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The raw ingredients are listed below and the results are nine guitar and
three bass balanced setups for loops in four keys in each of the five tempos
(there are some further Gretsch loops in the 120bpm folder as I got a little
fervid with that guitar having only bought it the anterior day!).

Due to the starting up of my studio shape the amp whip-round has gone into
short-lived storage so the instruments were recorded unreserved through the ISA828
preamps and effective amp duties were handled bynPeavey ReValver, provincial Nuendo
amp sims and the Ampeg SVX (IK Multimedia). The only effective impact outside
of amping and reverb is the tremolo on the HardTrem samples which is pulse
matched (the tremolo on thenFuzzTrem samples is the Moogerfooger Mod on
a wearisome suddenness environs – makes a accomplished tremolo).

The loops were recorded as such which means that not all have a purified start
as their phrasing may beginnaround the fourth whack of the anterior bar
(wearisome strums also start in advance of the whack). If you want to sequencena loyal
start to these then just duplication the noose to the anterior bar belief and smart
off everything up to theinitial strum/pick/noise you want.

Craze-aware of there is a palatable dollop of funk/disco swill for a group of genres
as well as crunchy/twangy phrases for layering with or counterpointing synth lines.

Hitch ‘em, chip in a attack ‘em, chop’em…make ‘em your own any way you please.

Guitars Used:
Gretsch 5122DC with Bigsby trem
Fender Stratocaster (1971 hardtail)
Danelectro Dano ’63 baritone
Hondo II SG1000 copy
Hondo II Les Paul copy
Musicman Stingray bass (1977)
Musicman Stingray bass (1979)
Epiphone Ripper bass

Pedals Used:
Mutron III envelope filter
WEM Especially Copicat valve fillet echo
Moogerfooger MF — 102 Mod (for tremolo
Electro-Harmonix Poly State envelope phaser
Electro-Harmonix Doctor-Q envelope follower
Korg CMP — 1 compressor
Arion SCH — 1 Stereo Chorus
Jen Crybaby Wah
Jen KPS 900 state shifter
Carlsbro Flanger
DOD Supradistortion (modded)
Sandpit Scrambler distortion (Ampeg craze)
Sandpit Basstown Strangler distortion
Sandpit AC128 fuzz
Sandpit NKT214 fuzz

Outboard Used:
Focusrite ISA828 eight aqueduct preamp
Lavry AD10 A/D converter
Lavry DA10 D/A converter
Steinberg Nuendo 5
RME HDSP Multiface

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