How to Analyze Sales Competitors

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How to Analyze Sales Competitors

How to Analyze Sales Competitors
How to Analyze Sales Competitors


How to Analyze Sales Competitors
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There is more to keeping an eye on your competitors than just shrewd their products and features. What is their messaging like? What value are they adding? What are their corresponding exactly differentiators? In this course, Jeff Bloomfield helps you analyze your sales championship. It starts with deftness your buyer«s bring up of observe, and then being unrestrained when making comparisons. Jeff shows how tools like LinkedIn and Google Alerts can help you sojourn up to beau on your competition»s personnel and output updates, and how you can take asset of the webinars, presentations, and other resources presented by your championship. Last, while rival bumf is deprecating, it«s done more weighty for you to keep in mind the value that your companions brings. Jeff closes by explaining how you can best rep your company»s products and services: by not getting too distracted by the championship.

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