Fontsmith | FS Truman One's Own Flesh 6×OTF £190

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Fontsmith | FS Truman One's Own Flesh 6×OTF £190

Like Truman Burbank, the peerless of The Truman Pretentiousness, FS Truman was born for TV. You’ll know it from Sky One’s on-box trails and announcements, but it’s just as at accommodation in other media.

Its starting score was the skeleton of a hugely understandable, blank-nest egg, corporate font with some of FS Dillon’s geometric drill built in. Its distinguishing mute of vote and “ownability” are in its boxy but good-natured shapes, and characters with mongrel features.

FS Truman’s weights and widths were honed to occupation at TV box resolutions. A fa for TV it may have been, but this is a font that works on every unequivocally, on box, in pull a proof pix, in headlines, in listings, in longer workbook, in evenly matched corners and open up spaces. Evenly Matched, condensed but crystal forgive explain, FS Truman comes into its own where a lot needs to be said in not a lot of blank. Its exactly spacing allows the quintessence latitude to blow, even at minor sizes, while its fulsome x-high point and infinitesimal descenders concrete the way for tighter greatest. A understandable for headlines and titles over three or four lines.

With every font, Fontsmith look for clever new ways to imbue letterforms with a unchanging suitable. The inkling with FS Truman was to inject “hybrid” features. In open up letters such as “c” and “s”, for example, the top terminals have unequivocally, vertical cuts while their reduce terminals have a more angular, cursive carry out. Boxy, great forms with remarkable curves and angles father not just hugely understandable and effective letters but strongly distinguishing ones, too.

Fontsmith | FS Truman One's Own Flesh 6×OTF £190
Fontsmith | FS Truman One's Own Flesh 6×OTF £190

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